Provincial ArtCADE

The MacKenzie Art Gallery is now offering an exciting new line of workshops featuring digital technology, connecting audiences with artists working directly in the medium.

To book contact Ken Duczek, Coordinator of Learning Initiatives, and include a first and second choice for program date. Register your group soon, as spaces are limited.


Email: Ken Duczek, Coordinator of Learning Initiatives
Phone: 306 584 4250 ext. 4290



Provincial ArtCADE (Art and Community Access to Digital Education)

Building on the success of the Gallery’s previous Artists with Their Work program in our original Provincial Outreach Program, we are once again connecting artists with communities. The opportunity to see an artist work can be a memorable and transformative experience, one that will inspire the next generation of artists and innovators.

We are excited to offer this opportunity to students and participants across the province for free until 1 April 2021.

One of our talented digital artists will present an overview and demonstration of their work on a live video call. Participants will have an opportunity to see a digital work of art produced right before their eyes, and be able to engage directly with the artist throughout the presentation, including dedicated time for questions and discussion.

All that is required is an internet connection for connecting with the artist, as well as the technology to share the demonstration with the group. We will work with you upon booking to schedule the workshop through either Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Screen capture from Taylor McArthur, isometric room

Library & Digital Lab

The MacKenzie Art Gallery is pleased to launch our brand new Library & Digital Lab—located inside our library. The Digital Lab will be the home for a multi-year, collaborative digital arts training initiative led by artists Cat Bluemke and Jonathan Carroll, the Gallery’s new Digital Coordinators. 

Funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Strategy Fund and supported through partnerships with the Initiative for Indigenous Futures as well as local and regional school boards and teachers. 

The Library and Digital Lab (located on the main floor of the MacKenzie Art Gallery) will be available for the public to access every Thursday (except holidays) from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. Visitors will have the chance to tinker, play, share and explore the Gallery’s VR and game development tools.

NEW! Join our Digital Coordinators for Thursday Night Lives, a new livestream series/digital art talk show! Each event will feature guests from various corners of the Online/Digital Arts community who join the hosts as they deliver workshops, panels, tours, and talks that expand our understandings on how to view, make, and enjoy digital art in our emerging new realities.

About Cat Bluemke and Jonathan Carroll

Cat Bluemke uses game design, performance, and expanded reality to explore the dynamic relationship of work and play. Graduating in 2018 with her MFA in Design for

Emerging Technologies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she presents the struggle of labour through interactive media, with a focus on precarious, feminized, and domestic work.

Jonathan Carroll is an XR artist and developer who makes games and software. His practice evolved from creating applications to facilitate interaction between performance artists and audiences, to building irreverent interactive experiences for mobile devices and VR headsets.

The two have been collaborators since 2013, with their work being exhibited internationally at venues such as the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, Kunsternus Hus, and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

In 2018 they co-founded SpekWork, an art collective making games about labour.  The collective hacks the technologies of virtual and augmented reality, game design, and artificial intelligence to ask pressing questions about the future of labour and leisure in a networked austerity society.

Online Digital Art Workshops

Join us in early December as we host a variety of digital art workshops with incredible emerging digital artists! Space is limited to 5 participants per class, so register early.

For more information please contact Ken Duczek, Coordinator of Learning Initiatives, or call 306-584-4250 ext 4290.

Current Offerings

Generating Art with Unity 3D

Session 1: 28 November, 11 AM – 1:30 PM and
Session 2:
5 December, 11 AM – 1:30 PM

For ages 14+.

Instructor: Dallas Storm Flett-Wapash 

In the first session, students will be introduced to the basics of the Unity, an engine used to create video games, to understand its layout and functions.

In the second session, students will learn how to create a self-generating work of art. By applying Unity’s physics applications, each student project will be a unique creation.

Participant requirements: Unity Hub (link to software will be sent out prior to session 1); Laptop / Desktop, Keyboard and Mouse, Internet Connection.


Dallas Flett-Wapash is an Ininew/Seaulteax video game designer, and Interactive Artist. (He/Him) explores forms of XR and other interactive technologies, developing a body of work. This work is an ongoing digital reconstruction of his cultural identity – including cosmology, culture, language, and lifestyle – using video game aesthetics. 

Creating an Isometric Room in Blender

Session 1: 1 December, 6:30 – 8 PM and
Session 2: 8 December
, 6:30 – 8 PM

For ages 14+.

Instructor: Taylor McArthur 

In this two-part workshop, students will learn how to create a digital work of art using the latest versions of Blender and will create their own isometric rooms. They will be encouraged to experiment and play with their personal aesthetic following the first class. 

Participant requirements: Latest version of Blender (link to software will be sent out prior to session 1); Mouse, keyboard – easier to use for 3D modelling.


Taylor McArthur (Nakota of Pheasant Rump Nakota First Nation, Saskatchewan) is a digital artist who works at the intersection of 3D animation, video game design and video. Her developing body of work is evocative of Indigenous Futurisms and seeks to situate her Indigenous culture within both the modern and a potential future vision. 

3D Modelling in TinkerCAD

Session 1: 2 December, 6:30 – 8 PM and
Session 2: 9 December, 6:30 – 8 PM

For ages 14+.

Instructor: Rene Dufour-Contreras

In this two-part workshop, we’ll learn how to create a 3D model.  Students will follow along with our instructor to learn the basics of sculpting digitally by creating their own 3D object. 3D modeling is used in computer graphics, game design and 3D printing. Participants will receive a 3D printed model of their class creation.  

Participant requirements: Latest version of TinkerCAD (link to software will be sent out prior to session 1); Mouse, keyboard – easier to use for 3D modelling.


Rene is a programmer and technical artist with experience as a professional in the tech industry since 2009 developing AR and VR applications. Rene taught at SIAST for 2 years and is currently part of the North Central Hacker Dojo. The initiative aimed at developing tech talent in north central Regina.

Rene loves to create visual art using traditional methods as well as emerging technology to tinker and express himself. He uses the mediums to explore how people and society change due to changes in technology and what that means to our essence as human beings.

Save your Flash Art from the Grave!

10 December, 7 PM

Instructor: Clara Chen

For ages 18+. Please note this workshop will be broadcast to the MacKenzie Art Gallery’s social accounts.

Did you know that Adobe Flash is disappearing at the end of 2020? In this workshop, digital archivist and artist Clara Chen will demonstrate how to save your favourite Flash works from vanishing forever. Using Rhizome’s free, open-source software Conifer, participants will learn how to archive Flash pages so you can continue sharing your favourite Flash animations, artworks, and games beyond the December 31, 2020 expiry date. 

Participant requirements: Chrome and/or Firefox browsers. If participants would like to follow along the demo, they will be required to use an email address to sign up for a Conifer account.


Clara Chen (陈嘉雯, she/they) b.1998, grew up in Regina Saskatchewan Treaty 4 Territory, with family from the Guangdong and Hong Kong regions of China. Clara’s work stems from an interest and exploration of migration, separation, and the ways in which we are intertwined with cyberspace. A member of the CBC Creator Network, Clara is a practising expanded media artist and filmmaker. Find more of Clara’s work on her website:

Over this year, Clara was an archive assistant at Neutral Ground Artist-Run Centre. She worked with the rich body of media created ever since Neutral Ground’s genesis in 1982, and archived the Neutral Ground Soil flash website.

SOIL was an 18 year-long project facilitated by Neutral Ground Artist-Run Centre under the guise of former director Brenda Cleniuk. Operating from 1997-2015, SOIL was formed in response to the impact of new tools and technologies on local communities and artists.

Educator Workshops

We offer workshops with guest curators, educators and artists for teachers to explore contemporary concepts and ideas in an environment that supports their professional practice.

Current Offerings

We currently do not have any workshops available.