The Digital Exhibitions Toolkit provides institutions, curators, and artists with tools to help facilitate the production of interactive digital art exhibitions. The toolkit will incorporate solutions for mobile and desktop access to artworks created in virtual reality, augmented reality, exhibitions for video game consoles, in-person interactive experiences, and online browser-based exhibitions.

As part of the development of the Digital Exhibitions Toolkit, the Mackenzie will be presenting three digital art exhibits using the new platform over the coming years. Stay tuned to experience this innovative programming, and for the opportunity to try the toolkit yourself!


Echoes From the Future: Speculative Creatures & Post-Human Botanicals

Echoes from the Future: Speculative Creatures & Post-Human Botanicals renders current environmental issues visible in virtual reality, inviting audiences into an immersive alternative future for hybrid lifeforms.

Immerse yourself in an imaginative virtual world where art, technology, and environmental awareness converge. Curated by Tina Sauerlaender, Echoes from the Future is an innovative digital exhibition featuring the works of seven international artists. This unique virtual experience invites visitors to explore an alternative future inhabited by hybrid lifeforms, both online and through an in-person Virtual Reality (VR) component available at the Gallery from 29 June – 27 September 2023.

Through a diverse range of mediums (including painting and animated 3D models), the featured artists—Aviv Benn (ISR/UK), Laura Colmenares Guerra (COL/BE), Reiner Maria Matysik (DE), Sarah Oh-Mock (DE), Bianca Shonee Arroyo-Kreimes (CAN), Sabrina Ratté (CAN), and Tamiko Thiel (US/DE)—unpack the devastating impact of environmental degradation and speculate on future lifeforms.


Stay updated about the development of the toolkit by joining the MacKenzie’s Discord server. Artists, curators and organizations interested in early access can email cbluemke@mackenzie.art  Be sure to sign up for the MacKenzie’s newsletter to be notified of the toolkit’s release and its pilot exhibitions.  

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