Drawn from the Senses

Registration Now Open!

Description: This new 3-part workshop shares the joy of creating art through our senses. As we explore and produce artwork through our sense of touch, hearing and smell, we will expand how we create and interpret art.  This workshop is for anyone who is curious about building, interacting and understanding art in non-traditional methods by reducing the precepts of “visual” art and elevating all the senses.  

Who will love this workshop? Anyone motivated by creativity and would love to explore and develop their personal artistic language in a non-traditional format. Each week we will apply a different sense in our creations from smell to touch to sound.  

Dates: Thursdays 18 April, 25 April and 2 May

Times: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Fee: $90  

*The MacKenzie Art Gallery is committed to removing barriers to participation. Pay-what-you-will registration is available. To access these spots, please contact us at the information below. We are happy to register you at a workshop rate that works for you. 

Maximum participants: 10  

Age range: 18 + *We welcome individuals of all abilities and access needs. 

Instructor: Ken Duczek

Bio: As a long-time MacKenzie staff member and educator, Ken has toured exhibitions of original art extensively throughout Saskatchewan. His passion for sharing and creating art with people has led to approximately 800 community visits, 7200 exhibition tours with well over 175 000 participants. Ken loves to encourage people to pursue their creativity as they grow as makers and contributors in their community. 

Contact: Please reach out to Ken Duczek for all inquiries concerning this workshop.

Phone: (306) 584-4250 ext.4290

Email: kduczek@mackenzie.art

An art piece of a violin created by using a styrofoam plate

Fun fact. This image is from last year’s Drawn From The Senses workshop. It’s a relief of a violin created on a styrofoam plate using a metal chopstick. Each relief was then used to create monoprints.