Landscapes of Digital Art

Landscapes of Digital Art is the result of two years of digital programming from the MacKenzie Art Gallery that was initially designed to expand digital art literacy across Saskatchewan. Funded by the Canada Council for the Art’s Digital Strategy Fund, the project has evolved from in-person digital arts workshops to online programs, and now exists as a digital publication of dozens of resources and artist-led conversations. Over a two-year period, the Gallery’s Digital Consultants, Cat Bluemke and Jonathan Carroll, experimented with a variety of online programming forms including virtual screenings, workshops, artist discussions, and digital artist-in-resident initiatives. As a result, these programs highlighted dozens of contemporary digital artists, scholars, and curators—presenting their ideas to a Saskatchewan audience within a global context. 

Click on the islands below to explore topics that are important to the people working within the digital art world. We look forward to coming with you on your journey through the Landscapes of Digital Art! 

World Building

Indigenous Futurism

Creating on Platforms

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