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For over 70 years, The MacKenzie has been able to realize its vision for the future thanks to the unwavering dedication of the business community.

Today, corporate support helps the MacKenzie fulfill its mission by funding its operating budget, education programs, special exhibitions, and a variety of gallery-wide programs. We thank our corporate friends for their extraordinary commitment and loyalty to the MacKenzie.

We welcome you to join the MacKenzie and deliver on your business objectives in a customized way. From engaging with visitors to creating unique hosting opportunities, the MacKenzie offers numerous ways to elevate your brand and cater towards your clients, executives and employees. Together, we can strengthen our community and craft a story worth telling.

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Help us bring life to 5,000 works of art spanning 5,000 years of art with a tax-deductible gift, or through a partnership tailored to your company’s philanthropic goals.

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