Become a Member and Look Again

We would love to welcome you as a member of the MacKenzie Art Gallery and hope that you will consider joining.

There are numerous levels and ways to participate and we would be pleased to discuss the best level for you. Our membership program is designed to give you the greatest access to the Gallery, and as a MacKenzie member you receive numerous benefits including complimentary admission, exciting member events, communications, and offers.

The MacKenzie Membership Program is available for all. Your membership will start with a Core Membership that can be enhanced at a variety of levels to enrich your experience and commitment to the Gallery.

Special Note:

With the MacKenzie’s admission program, visitors 17 and under can visit for free.

Membership Levels and Benefits

Membership Levels

Core Membership (Starts at $30)

Receive all of the benefits outlined under Core Benefits

SINGLE – $30
DOUBLE – $55

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M1 Membership (Starts at $80)

Receive all M-Core Benefits


  • 10% off in the MacKenzie Shop and Boutique MacKenzie Online Shop (unlimited)
  • MacKenzie Swag
  • Enhanced Member Communication

SINGLE – $80
DOUBLE – $105

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M2 Membership (Starts at $160)

Receive All M1 Benefits


Access to the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association, which allows you to be treated like a member in over 1,000 galleries and museums across North America.

Read more about NARM.

SINGLE – $160
DOUBLE – $275
STUDENT – $150

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M3 Membership (Starts at $260)

All M2 Benefits


  • An additional 5% off in the MacKenzie Shop and Boutique MacKenzie Online Shop (15% total; unlimited)
  • Two unlimited guest passes (Member must be present for use of guest pass).

SINGLE – $260
DOUBLE – $375
STUDENT – $250

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M4 Membership (Starts at $530)

All M3 Benefits


Recognition on lobby video monitor

Choice of VIP Experience
  • Private vault tour for 6 with refreshments
  • Dinner with Executive Director
  • Enhanced Exhibition Experience that includes meet & greet with Artist or Curator

SINGLE – $530
DOUBLE – $650
STUDENT – $520

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Core Benefits

All MacKenzie Members receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Free Admission
  • Exclusive member-only sales in the MacKenzie Shop and Boutique MacKenzie Online Shop
  • Two one-time use guest passes ($24 value)
    • Member must be present.
  • Invitation to Member-only events
  • Exclusive Member Communications
  • Annual Report Recognition
  • AGM Voting Rights

All members have the opportunity to purchase a multi-use Guest Pass for an additional $30. Applicable to any (1) guest at any time. Member must be present for use of guest pass.

Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Emma Holt

Membership & Events Coordinator

(306) 584-4250 ext. 4294


Why become a member?

Being a MacKenzie member will ensure you are getting the most out of your Gallery. Enrolling in a Core Membership is a perfect place to start if you intend to visit the MAG more than three times in a year. Not only will your fourth visit and beyond be free, but you will get access to exclusive members’ communications and events throughout the year and have the opportunity to return with two guests for free. If you upgrade your membership, you gain access to other exclusive rewards, including in-store and online gift shop discounts, and access to over 1,000 museums and galleries across North America.

How do I receive my Student membership?

All students who present valid Student ID will be given access to the reduced Student membership rate.

Is my membership shareable/transferable?

Memberships are sold exclusively to the purchaser and can not be shared or transferred. Core Membership comes with two one-time use guest passes, and Level 3 Membership with two unlimited guest passes. Additional (unlimited) guest passes can be purchased by a member for $30.

When is the AGM?

The AGM is held at the end of June every year.

Give the Gift of Membership

With free unlimited visits throughout the year, exclusive events, discounts, and benefits, MacKenzie Memberships are the perfect gift for people with a passion for art, architecture and culture.

Purchase & Delivery Options

Gift memberships are available online, over the phone, and in person at the MacKenzie Welcome Desk. MacKenzie staff and volunteers look forward to customizing your Gift Membership to give a unique and personal gift to be enjoyed year-round.

When you purchase online or over the phone, a custom message crafted by you will be included in the recipient’s Membership Package. Please specify whether you would like their Gift Package – including your message, a welcome letter, and membership card(s) – to be mailed to yourself or directly to your loved one.

Alternatively, when you visit the MacKenzie in person, you have the option of bundling your MacKenzie Gift Membership with another carefully selected item from our Shop full of curated gifts!