How can I get my work exhibited at the MacKenzie?

Our curatorial staff is always doing active research to find new art and artists for consideration in the Gallery. If you would like our curators to view your work, feel free to send a website or artwork samples to programdevelopment[@]mackenzie.art, and we will take a look. Due to the high volume of submissions that come our way, it is unlikely we will be able to reply to all e-mails, but rest assured that we will take a look.

How are exhibitions put together?

Unlike some museums that have permanent displays, the Mackenzie Art Gallery’s exhibitions change regularly and it is the curator’s job to research and select work for exhibitions. Exhibitions are developed in three ways:

  • In-House Exhibitions are created by a curator employed by the MacKenzie Art Gallery. In-house exhibitions start with an idea, theme, or inspirational artwork, which is then flushed out, expanded and adapted in relation to other artworks that are selected to correlate to the vision of the exhibition. Curators acquire work for their exhibitions by borrowing from other art galleries, using artwork from the MacKenzie’s permanent collection, and/or working with artists, who sometimes create work specifically for the exhibition. Our in-house exhibitions sometimes turn into touring shows that we loan out to other galleries.
  • Permanent Collection Exhibitions are curated by a MacKenzie curator and the artwork is selected exclusively from our Permanent Collection with rare exceptions.
  • Hosted Exhibitions are organized and toured by other art galleries. For a fee, the MacKenzie is able to host the exhibition in our gallery space. Hosted exhibitions are also called travelling, touring or borrowed exhibitions.

How can I have my art sold in the Gallery Shop?

Contact the Gallery Shop Manager or call 306-584-4250 ext. 4270.  We carry a diverse range of high quality craft, art and jewellery by local and national artists.