An eco-friendly tote bag features a classic botanical illustration. The design showcases two colorful tulips, a spiky seed pod, and a detailed moth set against a white background. A small black tag with white


This reusable shopping bag features a modern interpretation of German still-life painter Jacob Marrel’s 17th century painting Two Tulips, a Shell, a Butterfly and a Dragonfly reimagined by Irma Boom. One side of the bag displays a representation of the painting, while the other has vibrant tulip-inspired stripes.  

This versatile bag holds up to 44 lbs measuring 50 x 42 cm and can be folded down into a 4.5″ x 4.5″ matching zipper pouch. The bag is water resistant and made of Oeko-Tex certified environmentally friendly polyester. 

Image provided by the manufactuer

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