Wallet with Leah Dorian Artwork
Wallet with Leah Dorian Artwork


This wallet is made from a synthetic leather and features a design by Métis artist Leah Marie Dorian titled “Breath of Life”. The wallet measures 19x10x3 cm and comes packaged in an elegant box that with a protective pouch.

From the artist and manufacturer:
Our breath gives us life and is the sacred vessel which carries our voice. When words are shared with loving positive energy our world is greatly impacted.

About the artist:
Leah Dorion is a Métis person with cultural roots to the historic community of Cumberland House, Saskatchewan.  She is a passionate interdisciplinary artist and educator committed to sharing Metis culture and history.

About the manufacturer:
Since 2003, Oscardo has partnered with Canadian and First Nations Artists to create distinctive products. Royalties are paid to the artist (or their estates) for each product sold.

Image provided by Oscardo

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