In the Distance

14 January 2012 – 26 February 2012

Distance can be defined as a separation by physical, emotional, or psychological means. Drawing from the MacKenzie Art Gallery's permanent collection, this exhibition features recently acquired work by several contemporary artists and their meditations on distance, time and technology. 

Among the selections are: Doris Larson's Burn (2002-2008) and Joanne Bristol's Satellite Image, Gopher Hole, North bank of the South Saskatchewan, Year 2001 (2001), two video-based works which explore distance as an interval between two points of time and our alienation from the natural world.

Curated by: Lydia Miliokas

Lydia Miliokas is a fourth-year student at the University of Regina, majoring in Art History, with plans to pursue further studies in Curation and Arts Administration. As part of the Young Canada Works Program, Lydia has worked with the gallery as a curatorial research assistant and assisted with two previous exhibitions. She is also a student curator for the University of Regina BFA exhibition.