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Oak and Umber Artisan Studio

Oak and Umber Artisan Studio specializes in high-quality, hand-crafted leather goods. All products are made here in Saskatchewan by artist Kathleen Avram, using ethically source, full grain leather, and a variety of textured and unique fabrics.

Just as each leather hide is unique, so is the process when making each piece. To start, every project requires careful consideration as to what material will be used. Leather and fabrics are selected for their thickness, firmness, colour, lustre and durability. Though preliminary sketches may be referenced to determine style, functionality and size, templates are not used. Once the work begins, the material always dictates how the finished product will take form. Even though a design may be referenced multiple times, there are no two items that turn out the same. All products are measured, mapped, cut, and woven by hand. Parts are assembled using a combination of sewing machine and hand stitching. All hardware is chosen based on quality and durability. Every piece is then polished with a UV-protective, stain-resistant

Each item that is made strives to showcase the beauty of the material, combine functionality with timeless fashion, and utilize the longevity leather provides. Ultimately, each item is one of a kind!

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Sew&Tell Handmade

Sew&Tell’s brand consists of handcrafted sewn and quilted goods, including a wide range of women’s bags and purses, kitchen and home decor, and travel accessories. Bright and colourful fabrics often with a boho-vibe, are the focal point of many of the pieces we create, while also bringing a modern edge to traditionally quilted goods. With each item proudly created for Sew&Tell, only the highest quality of fabrics and materials are used, and are sourced locally from fellow small businesses whenever possible. Each item is made from start-to-finish by myself personally, and sewn together with the utmost care and attention to detail!

I have always had a strong passion for simply making and creating, whether it has been through drawing and painting, photography, paper-crafts, or in my more recent life, quilting and sewing. Through the opening of Sew&Tell in 2013, I’ve found the perfect outlet to be able to share this love for making, creativity, and design with others. What started out as an entrepreneurial adventure during a summer break from university, has now flourished into one of my biggest pride & joys. In July of 2021 I finally made the plunge to become a full-time entrepreneur, and I feel extremely lucky to do what I truly love and to share my passion for handmade with others each & every day!

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Me & You Handmades

Me & You Handmades is a small, local, family-run, female-owned business located in the heart of the prairies. Focusing on designing and creating accessories and handmade items, each piece is made with high-quality materials that are sourced locally or Canada-wide. All items are handmade and designed locally in Regina, SK. by a mother-daughter duo who focus on the importance of not only creating Canadian-made items but also supporting Canadian businesses for supplies and materials. Everything from everyday accessories like scrunchies and microwave cozies to travel accessories such as makeup bags, key fobs and more.

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Onyx + Ora

Onyx + Ora is a handbag and accessory company, with the main material being Desserto cactus leather. It is the world’s first highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made of nopal cactus. All items are designed and sewn by myself in my home studio. Onyx + Ora was founded on the vision to merge great style with sustainability. I love fashion but don’t love the damage the fast fashion industry does to people, animals, and the planet. I slow things down at Onyx + Ora and focus on items that are sustainably sourced, made in good working conditions, and are long-lasting.

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Productions Process: Hides selected are cut with our specialized hydraulic presses, where we have cutting dies built per design, or we cut with a CNC-style machine. We have many specialized machines to ease the work and have invested in automation, whether it be for skiving or splitting the leather down to a workable thickness. Then, lining and zippers get cut to size and sewn into place and edges get turned over or inked/dyed before assembling. We have some designs that have been in the company for well over 30 years, and then during Covid, we slowed down and came up with new designs, which often are thought up by customers who come up with ideas of their own and combine them with our ideas as well and a new design is born. The nice thing about a smaller operation like ours is that we get to alternate work, everyone has experience with all the different stages and equipment that take place, and the work is not overly repetitive this way.


Buckle up Bags

Did you ever think that a seatbelt could be beautiful? I take an unserviceable item and breathe new life into it.

I strive to make a very feminine product that is super functional, with fabulous colours that give you a fashion-forward look.

Each piece is handmade, unique, and so durable. My passion shines through in every piece.

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Prairie Lily Stitches

Prairie Lily Stitches makes hand-sewn goods with a touch of vintage charm and a pop of modern flair. Whether it’s a cute coin pouch, a fun Festival Bag or the Bapron, the best bib ever, you’ll find something that will brighten up your life every time you use it. Our products are made with high-quality fabric and craftsmanship, so you can enjoy them for years to come. Most products are original designs created by Lesley Schwan, a seamstress with nearly two decades of experience. Every product is designed and made to be used and well-loved. Prints are carefully selected with a strong preference for bright, bold and joy-inducing designs.

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Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers

Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers Regina is a group of approximately 50 women who have raised over 1 million dollars for the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers Campaign. Funds raised support the work of grassroots organizations and grandmothers in sub-Saharan Africa in their ongoing efforts to raise the generation of children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic and to fight the continuing effects of HIV/AIDS in their communities. Our fabric-based products, handcrafted by members – tote bags, shopping bags, cell phone bags, bowl cozies and napkins – incorporate repurposed local materials or traditional South African Shweshwe fabric.



HEART + SOUL Candle Co. is a curated collection of handmade goods for the home. Free from
carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. It’s all in the details. All of my products are thoughtfully designed to embody tiny moments every day to reconnect with ourselves and restore balance within the home.
I offer an array of candles in stunning vessels, tea lights + travel tins. As well as reed diffusers, matches, wick trimmers and handmade car diffusers with my signature fine fragrances. All candles are hand poured using the finest ingredients with Canadian Beeswax as the star ingredient. soft, modern + clean.

April McDougald, HEART + SOUL Candle Co.

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Bub & Boo Soap

We use top quality ingredients and create bath products and soap that are visually beautiful and luxurious to use. We are not your everyday run-of-the-mill soap company.. we try and put an artistic spin on everything, whether it is an unusual combination of scents, a gorgeous mica or unusual packaging. All products are handmade, small batch and hand poured, using as natural ingredients as we can. We are passionate about everything we make. We and our families use everything we make and we produce products that we see a need for in our everyday living.



Apothecandy is the creation of Leiah Bauer, an herbalist and first-generation farmer located deep in the forests of Southeastern Manitoba.

I take inspiration from the magic of the woods around me to create small-batch artisanal goat milk soap and botanical self-care products that tell the story of the changing seasons throughout the year. Growing up, I spent nearly every weekend in the boreal forests of Northern Saskatchewan, which forever etched the love of the woods. The smell of sun-warmed pine needles, the look and feel of moss and lichens, the forest coming to life again after a long, dark winter.

I use natural materials to capture a moment in the seasons and invoke a memory or emotion in the people who use my soap. From the smell of the early spring when the sun warms the buds on the balsam poplar and the golden resin begins to flow to the fading sunlight of the fall when the goldenrod and fireweed blooms. I follow the seasons and ethically wildcraft the botanicals that capture the story of the forest in my soap from tapped birch trees in the spring to capturing the fresh fat snowflakes of a midwinter storm and distilling them, extracting pigments, infusing oils or drying them to craft the colours of the designs.

The base of all of my soap begins with beautiful raw goat milk which is lovingly hand milked from the goats that I share my land with, a partnership that flows through the seasons of life from birth to natural death. I am honoured to share my world with these creatures and to craft beautiful, useful things with the gifts they share.

Soapmaking is a combination of art and science. Many factors like temperature, humidity, milk fat content, and the botanicals and oils used play into how the medium behaves, meaning that each batch and even each piece is unique.

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8acre design

I hand make our home essential oil line. We have organic soy wood wick candles, soaps, reed diffusers, and bath salts, all handmade using all organic ingredients sourced within Saskatchewan. All of our products are made with 100% all-natural products and essential oils. Creating all-natural products with all ingredients sourced within Saskatchewan is very important to us! Although there are many candle makers we are one of the few that use essential oils within our candles. We take great pride in knowing our products are all-natural.


Conjure Apothecary

We are a family business based in Regina, Saskatchewan. We offer handcrafted items to help you connect with your inner spirit and power.

Background & Training
Erin grew up in Nova Scotia in a very artistic, spiritual, Mother Earth-loving family. Her parents taught her all about the magic of herbs and flowers during family hikes in the forest, and how to make homemade salves, soaps, and beeswax candles. In 2020, with the changes the pandemic brought to everyone’s lives, Erin began to receive requests from friends and family for her intention candles and bath tea. Word spread and the business was born and quickly took off.
We are now regular vendors at the Regina Farmer’s Market and have a presence in brick & mortar shops in Regina, Moose Jaw, Lumsden, & Saskatoon.

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Ruby Reid Fine Fragrance Co.

The story. My name is Sara Lindsay, and I am the founder of Ruby Reid. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, my dad passed away due to ruthless lung disease. In the throes of grief, I found myself wrapped in a blanket of memories of him, my family, and everything nostalgic. I couldn’t go one day without a reminder of him stopping me in my tracks, which I am eternally grateful for. My memories were all that was left to feel closer to my dad, and each one is a gift that keeps him near. I realized how profoundly important it is to be able to recall our cherished life experiences with those we love because our memories are what connect us forever. Aroma has such a powerful way of taking us back to a place in time in an instant. As a small business owner, I was faced with the difficult reality that I had to temporarily close and reimagine my makeup studio because of operating restrictions due to the pandemic. Weeks later, my dad passed, and I needed something to pour myself and my heart into. I’ve always loved candles and aromas, so I started to learn about making them, and a new passion was born. It almost felt like candle-making found me. Unaware that I was actually searching for a reprieve from the heaviness of grief and my uncertain future, Ruby Reid was born.​ Ruby is my daughter’s name, and Reid is my dad’s middle name. Ruby Reid represents a cathartic journey not only through my grief but of embracing the memories that connect me to everyone and everything I hold dear and have helped to shape my life. Ruby Reid candles, fine fragrance and diffuser oils are hand-poured with intention and purpose, and my hope is that they will connect you to your own memories as you create them through a life well lived. Sara Lindsay – Founder
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Aiden Amina

We are a local, Regina-based small business creating handcrafted pottery and ceramics. We believe that there is something so inspiring using such humble materials and shaping them into
something new, functional, and creative; mud transformed into mugs, cups, and pots. Pottery lets us use art in our everyday life, and I think that’s beautiful!

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Blue Neptoon Designs

Throwing clay takes Amanda back to her childhood where her artistic journey began. The feeling of clay in her hands calms her and leads her to a place of expression and thought. Amanda is inspired by many things including nature, geometry, and life experiences. Translating these inspirations into her ceramics gives her great satisfaction knowing that these pieces can be used daily or put on display in a home or place of gathering. For Amanda, being a ceramicist is a lifelong journey and along the path she hopes to inspire others. Amanda sells her work online, through craft markets and galleries. Each ceramic piece uses a mixture of hand building and wheel thrown techniques. Her ceramic mugs are traditional but the shape,
painting technique and handle design are original. Amanda’s original ideas from her paintings are replicated onto her ceramic pieces.

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Sabine Wecker

I am a ceramicist. I mainly work with stoneware (wheel-thrown and slab-built) that I high-fire in atmospheric kilns like gas, soda, or wood. I developed a series of garden objects, e.g., little birds or fish sitting on a branch on top of an iron stick, bird baths, floating rocks for outdoor or indoor water features, and urban hens. They are winter hard and elevate every outdoor space. Gardens/backyards and ceramics complement each other beautifully.
I was raised in Germany, where I completed a five-yard education in the ceramic arts with a MasterCraftsmanship Diploma. After a twenty-year break, I dove back into clay at the University of Regina completing a BFA in Fine Arts/ Visual Arts in 2021. I am currently finishing up my MFA program with a focus on ceramics under the supervision of Ruth Chambers at the University of Regina with an SSHRC Canadian Graduate Scholarship. I am also a juried Saskatchewan Craft Council member.


Glazed Over Pottery

Glazed Over Pottery is a collection of both functional and non functional ceramic works expressing my love and appreciation for nature and all it has to offer. It feels like I use the ceramic surface as a canvas for displaying this expression. It’s a joy to create these pieces and to have them land in the hands of those who can appreciate and use them. Ceramic work is difficult but so therapeutic in its very nature as it is quite physical as well as demanding intellectually in it’s chemistry. Enjoy my pieces and I have loved my time spent at Bazaart every year I’ve attended. Thank you.


Anne Mclellan Pottery

My work in clay is a continuous exploration of pottery forms that reflect function in different ways. My pieces are made with low-fire and medium-fire clays using wheel-thrown and hand-building techniques. I use overglaze /underglaze techniques to create whimsical designs and patterns inspired by the natural world. I make traditional forms such as bowls, mugs, platters, teapots and vases, which have many surfaces to work with.

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Wildfire Ceramics

Wildfire Ceramics hand-builds whimsical and functional pieces; from mugs to wall hangings. The work is inspired by mythology, fairy tales, and the natural world. They use their own original drawings to decorate their pieces and all the creating is done in their small, in-home studio located in Regina.

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Terri Ekvall Ceramics

I make unique pieces of ceramics that bring joy and are a pleasure to use. I draw inspiration from some of my favourite stories and nature. The hand-drawn and painted images of mushrooms and caterpillars smoking hookahs were inspired by Alice in Wonderland. While images of plant life and insects are inspired by the garden. Small personal touches and attention to detail make each piece a unique work of art designed to enhance your daily rituals with joy and love. I have been primarily working in porcelain and creating the whimsical drawings and paintings using underglazes that are then covered with a clear glaze.

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I have been making Pottery in my home studio off and on since 1980. I have participated in several juried Art Shows and Craft sales. I have participated in Bazaart 2 years ago and Evergreen Craft sale in Prince Albert since the 1980s. I create functional pottery featuring plates, mugs, bowls, Urns and garlic pots. I mix my own glazes that are all food-safe, dishwasher friendly and microwave-safe.

Deb Vereschagin Pottery

I am a production potter specializing in hand-carved wheel-thrown and hand-built pieces. I prefer to make my own glazes and only choose options that enhance my carved surfaces. The majority of my work is functional kitchenware. However, I like to include fanciful seasonal and outdoor pieces to add a little flair. I am also a multiple award winner in the Saskatchewan Craft Council “Dimensions” juried show.

Prairie Potter

Ron Kurenda was a founding member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council in 1975. In 2008, after 35 years of marketing work for 40 to 50 other Saskatchewan artists, they retired from their retail pottery shop in downtown Saskatoon. Ron’s first love was functional work: purposeful pieces which are a joy to own, a pleasure to use, and a tasteful gift to give others. It is with great attention to detail and function that he carefully handcrafts each distinctive piece. Ron mounted a solo gallery exhibition at the Francis Morrison branch of the Saskatoon Library in 1986. In 2009, 120 Kurenda pottery pieces made their way to the Canadian Marketplace at the Cheongju
International Craft Biennial in Cheongju, Korea.


Burrowing Owl Pottery

I have always been drawn to art and especially art that reflects the environment. My belief that an object that is functional can also be beautiful is what motivated me to begin creating ceramics. I hand build and throw on the wheel. Mugs comprise a large body of my work but I love to create more. I became a juried potter because I believe in creating quality pieces that others can enjoy. As a born and raised Saskatchewan artist I also create pieces that reflect aspects of and my love for my province. I use a variety of clays, methods of surface decoration and love to incorporate sculptural aspects when that special project presents itself.


Just for Fun Ceramics

Ysa Aguinaldo’s Just for Fun Ceramics presents a vibrant collection of functional wares designed to uplift your everyday moments. Infused with a lively colour palette, bold lines, and a harmonious blend of geometric and curvaceous forms, each piece emanates a dynamic energy that captivates the senses. Ysa channels her creative spirit through the art of pottery, finding joy in the process and drawing inspiration from the celebration of diversity and individuality. Every creation is crafted to be a unique expression, ensuring that each piece is a one-of-a-kind delight.


Wild Bisque Pottery

My name is AIyssa. I create asymmetrical functional pottery. I am a hobby potter with a home-based studio near Craven, Saskatchewan. I use a variety of plainsman clay and high-fire glazes. I have started making my own glazes, which has brought on new challenges. I love experimenting and like a good challenge!


Shaun's Pottery and Pottery by Marlene

Born and currently working in Altona, Manitoba, Shaun has always been surrounded by pottery. He’s the son of Marlene Dyck – a successful potter of 45 years. Never having been formally trained, Shaun is self-taught and has potted for over 25 years. His talent is continually improved through seeing every workday as a school day, finding uses for pottery in the real world, hard work, and honing his work for ever greater beauty. Influences of the angular, geometric nature of the work inspire his individual wares that are, on one hand, designed and reproducible and, on the other hand, possess a simple character that is uniquely their own.

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I am always creating a variety of artwork using different styles, techniques, mediums and subjects. I push boundaries and test my limits to generate something new and exciting. I create unique handbuilt pottery & quirky paintings that will be sure to catch people’s eye. From funky to functional, there is something for everyone. Each of my creations is one-of-a-kind, and people return to my booths because they are excited to see what new, weird, and exciting things I have made.

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Funktional Pottery & Gallery

The gallery features work made by several artists; primarily featuring functional pottery made by Dee Funk and Martin Tagseth, aka The Village Potter.


Lark & Lily Handmade

Lark & Lily Handmade offers high-quality clothing & accessories for people of all ages with a strong focus on sustainability, functionality, style & comfort. Handmade in Balgonie, SK.

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Halliegator Handmade

Hi there, I’m Quinn Folk, owner and maker of Halliegator Handmade. I began making children’s clothing during COVID while being stuck at home on maternity leave with my daughter. I found with many common clothing brands, they did not fit properly, and the length of wear was minimal. Due to this, I focused on creating clothing that was functional, fashionable and lasted longer. I also wanted to focus on sustainability and created ultra-absorbent, organic, reusable nursing and menstrual pads for women. I am proud to be able to share my clothing passion with not only my children but others as well!

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Rebecca King Fashion House

A clothing designed never stops working, and I am always taking inspiration and mental notes from the world around me – textures, colour combinations, details, etc. The process for a new piece starts in my home-based studio with initial design sketches and concepts. I personally draft, sew, and test all my prototypes and typically run through as many as six iterations as I evolve and hone in on the concept. I refine the pattern until I have a final design sample that I am happy with, and then I send the pattern/sample package to a small-scale contract factory either in Vancouver. The factory will prepare a production sample and grade the pattern into the required sizes. Once I have approved the sample and pattern, production begins, which inevitably includes troubleshooting along the way. Once the full production run is completed, the finished garments are shipped (Vancouver) or picked up (Saskatoon), and the final merchandising tasks are completed to prepare them for the sales racks. Garments are sold direct-to-customer either via our website, pop-ups and tradeshows, or our storefront inSaskatoon.

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Central Standard Textiles & Apparel

Central Standard is small batch clothing, accessories and home goods. Consciously designed basics for everyday life that embrace the slow-fashion philosophy. The focus of the line is to bring together natural fibres, quality construction and ethical production to create timeless pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear. Using natural fibres such as linen, hemp and organic cotton is an essential step towards a more sustainable apparel industry. Every piece is designed and handmade by Amy Bewcyk in the Cathedral area of Regina, Sk, on Treaty 4 Land.

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Sova Design Millinery

I have been a millinery artist for over twenty years and have added a one-size-fits-most linen clothing line to my repertoire. Creating hats has led me to have my pieces displayed in London Hat Week (3 times!), Fashion weeks throughout Canada, at an exhibition with His Royal Highness King Charles in attendance, on various well known heads such as Meghan Markle, and Arnaud Viard (Emily In Paris) as well as many publications including the National Post and British GQ. Finding my long lost family in France in 2020, i was surprised to find that my grandfather i never knew was also a Hat maker in the famous French Mossant hat company. Recently, my hat was chosen by the world-renowned hat designer Stephen Jones (Dior) to be included in a fashion show in Chazelles-sur-Lyon at Atelier Musee du Chapeau, where I was able to meet my idol and share my story.

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Galashina Clothing

At Galashina Clothing, we make fun, comfortable, high-quality clothing that we hope you enjoy wearing every day … whether your “every day” is at the office, at home, or around town.
Most of our customers are adults who identify as women, and who wear medium or larger sizes. Local and made-to-order production allows for customization in fit and in features such as sleeve length. Our customers value well-made pieces, fair labour practices, and processes that are kind to the environment all along the supply chain. All of our garments are designed and sewn in Saskatchewan, Canada.


Northern Steppe Apparel

Northern Steppe Apparel was born from a passion for creating unique, handmade, and hand-dyed clothing made with sustainable materials. I am a home economics teacher by trade but have always kept up with practicing my craft and thus Northern Steppe Apparel was born. I source the most sustainable fabrics possible, and I hand-dye many pieces of my clothing. When I dye my own fabric, I use snow to do so for a unique print and dye colourway. I do use some prints, but when choosing printed fabric I order from the most local and sustainable sources as possible. I make clothing for all ages, but my predominant buyers are buyers for my children’s designs. Northern Steppe Apparel offers unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces for both adults and children to wear. Only one person (myself) is involved in all steps in creating the items I do and all items are created in small batches.

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I am a Saskatoon-based clothing designer and textile artist. I have been working and designing with textiles for more than 40 years. I create one-of-a-kind pieces and small collections with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, devoting great care and attention to each part of the design process. Combining old-world sensibilities with contemporary design, I create garments that have timeless and enduring appeal. Found and naturally dyed fabrics add accents to one-of-a-kind pieces. My work with natural dyes, including a line of naturally dyed scarves, explores an infinite palette of colour as I create and discover nuance and variation with each encounter of the dye vat. Along with natural dyes, I incorporate screen printing, block printing and hand embroidery. My extensive travels in Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, India, and Africa have given me an appreciation of textile traditions from around the world. I understand textile as legacy, giving context to the importance of heritage, tradition, and community.

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Amaranth Designs

Amaranth Designs is a sustainable fashion brand which creates a line of women’s apparel right here in Regina. Every design is carefully created, from the choice of fabric to the design and construction. Amaranth Designs has been clothing women for the past 24 years.

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Patricia Semey

I like to showcase African clothes, bags and culture.

Be Frayed

Be Frayed is a Regina, Saskatchewan-based upcycled fashion company committed to giving pre-loved materials a second chance. Our focus is to create zero-waste clothing and give new life to materials that would have otherwise ended up in our landfills. We receive donated clothes that, instead of being thrown out, we reuse each piece and create new, edgy, fun, sustainable fashion pieces. We started this fashion brand one year ago and have sold out at several pop-ups this past year. We strive to educate people on the harmful damage of fast fashion. We love to take people on a journey to a more stylish world.

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I sew children’s clothing with quality fabric all purchased from small companies in Canada Clothing is sizes 0-6, I love to put together different patterns and colours. All of my sewing is done in my own home and all sewn by me with loads of love.


Maxi Moo Handmade

Maxi Moo Handmade offers keepsake knit and crochet toys and accessories for children. Specializing in snugglers (think a comforting mix of blanket lovey and stuffed toys) and plush animals that are perfect for the littlest of hands. My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet as a young child, and it has been something I have loved to do ever since. I truly enjoy picking up a crochet hook or a set of knitting needles and creating something from nothing. Every item is handcrafted by me, and customers will take home a high-quality piece that their little will love and will stand the test of time.


Elemental Quiltworks

I am a quilter and fibre artist who creates home decor items from commercial and hand-dyed fabrics. I have more than 40 years of experience as a sewist and quilter, and I have been dyeing fabric for more than a decade. My colourful pieces are designed to showcase fabric and stitch. I love that with this medium, I can produce works that are both functional and beautiful. I often embellish pieces with hand-stitching. Items that I make include table runners, bags, wall hangings, cushion covers, placemats and small quilts. I am a juried member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.

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Cog Yarns

I sell yarn that I have hand-dyed using professional quality acid dyes and have heat-set to ensure colour longevity. My yarn is sourced from ethical mills around the world that do not use mulesing practices. The fibre content used in the yarn bases includes a variety of merino wool, blue-faced Leicester, nylon, cashmere and silk. All of the colourways I dye are my own creativity and range from soft pastels to brights, and I use a variety of dyeing methods for tonals, variegated, and speckled colours. I dye the yarn in my clean, smoke-free home, and it is stored in plastic totes before selling. The yarn I dye is intended for a wide variety of crafting styles, including knitting, crocheting, and weaving, and can be used for clothing garments, accessories, kids’ toys, etc. I also sell shawls that I have woven on my loom using my hand-dyed yarn for those who may not craft themselves but would like to purchase a finished project for themselves or as a gift.

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Woven by Vivian Textiles

Weaving, for me, is a continual exploration of the interaction of colour, weave structure, and design. I love to experiment and draw on my background in natural science and visual art. My passion is to create high-quality quality, unique, utilitarian items to be worn or used in the home. This includes scarves, shawls, cowls, throws, towels, washcloths, baby blankets, rugs, table runners and table mats. I am inspired by the rich diversity of contemporary and historic weaving. Typically, I start with a sketch, which I then refine using weaving software. I also love to play with visual variations at the loom. My main tool is a substantial 8-harness Leclerc Colonial 1 Floor Loom. It gives me considerable scope, the refinement to work with very fine fibres and the solidity to handle heavy wool. I use natural fibres, including bamboo, merino, silk, cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, alpaca, and wool, and I am particularly drawn to fine yarn. I
aim for appealing hand and drape in my weavings, especially in my scarves and shawls. I also experiment with natural dyes, which are starting to appear in my weavings.

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Prairie Wool & Fibre Designs

Prairie Wool & Fibre Designs up-cycles and repurposes wool clothing to create unique, practical, personal and household items. Repurposed Wool Sweater Mittens are everyone’s favourites. Crossbody cell phone bags are also popular and are made from up-cycled wool skirts, kilts and suits. The vintage plaids are my favourite. Other products include dice trays, coin purses, bowl cozies and plate cozies. My products express my passion for sewing and creating unique items of excellent quality. All products are designed and sewn by me in my home studio. Each item is made with careful attention and quality workmanship.

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The Knotty Greek Macrame

Macramé is a timeless art form and I am so grateful it entered my life in 2020. I use quality recycled cotton macramé cord and t-shirt yarn to create beautiful decorative and functional pieces. These pieces include home decor and personal accessories. When I create macramé pieces I pull inspiration from within and tie every knot with an intention of love and gratitude. Bringing beauty into people’s homes is extremely fulfilling, and it brings me so much joy knowing that it, in turn, brings them joy. While bringing others joy is my primary motivation, macramé supports my personal well-being. When I begin creating, my stresses melt away, and internal peace is achieved.

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My passion as an artisan is creating beautiful, handmade treasures, specifically fabric dolls and felt flowers. My fabric dolls are created from locally sourced broadcloth and feature hand-embroidered faces, along with customized outfits designed to fit each doll’s unique personality. Doll themes include pioneer girls, mermaids, and animals such as cows, pigs, and bunnies. The felt flowers I create are made of wool felt, beads, and embroidery thread and include roses, poppies, peonies, and daisies. Felt elements are hand-cut, sewn, and intricately constructed into elegant, life-like flowers that are combined into bouquets that can serve as sentimental gifts or eye-catching decor items.

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I’m passionate about weaving usable textiles such as tea towels, scarves, baby blankets and throws on my two large floor looms. I utilize natural and sustainable fibres such as linen, alpaca, silk, cotton and bamboo, purchased as locally as is feasible. Each item is unique, designed for form, functionality and, of course, beauty!


CROW Emporium

CROW is a Passionate local Saskatchewan Artisan dedicated to designing and creating one-of-a-kind textile art through crochet. Every piece is meticulously handmade using various models of fibre. As a proud local business, CROW personally crafts each item, ensuring a touch of individuality that speaks to the essence of CROW in every creation. Enhance your life with hand-crafted treasures that carry the soulful artistry of a small business committed to uniqueness and quality.

Design: CROW thrives best within the visual and kinesthetic modalities of learning. As a result, all the designs created are based on images and thoughts that twig creativity. Patterns are not used but are created while stitching the various fibres together. Each creation has a unique flair that makes CROW fibre art perfect for someone who appreciates and desires unique pieces.

Selection: CROW offers a diverse selection. Some fibre art is seasonal, and others are consistently available throughout the year. Attire such as Cardigans, Tanktops, Balaclavas, Toques, and Headbands is offered in a variety of colors.

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Stumpz & Stringz

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Stumpz & Stringz creates beautifully unique pieces of macrame art, plant hangers and floating shelves. All pieces are handmade using reclaimed materials and 100% cotton cord. We take pride in producing high-quality items and pay attention to the little details. We have great products that everyone can enjoy.


South40 Designs

Allison Brandt Malinski of South40 Designs is a textile fibre artist in Bradwell, Saskatchewan. She uses new and repurposed fabric to hand-dye, thread paint and appliqué her original designs into one-of-a-kind wall hangings and provincial magnets.

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the unravelled skein

Everything produced for the unravelled skein is handmade by Valerie. A lifelong interest in various crafting pastimes has evolved into a passion for creating beautiful crocheted pieces. Home decor items from the unravelled skein include baskets, plant mats and coasters, while wall hangings are a favourite item to design and create. Purses and market bags are available in styles to suit a variety of tastes. Sun hats for adults and kids and splash balloons are great for summer. Experimenting with colour, design and yarn types is a favourite part of the craft. There is always something new to try!!

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Lounge Lakers

Lounge Lakers: Not merely clothing but a way of life. Beachwear for a brave new world.
Lounge Lakers is a unisex surf/beach-inspired clothing line. The bright and bold designs are
complimented by soft and sustainable cotton and bamboo fabrics and feature silk-screened artwork by fellow Winnipeg artists. Each piece is designed and sewn by creator Graham Epp in his Winnipeg studio.

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Bevels & Blooms Glass Art

I have been creating art out of glass for 40 years now. I started with stained glass and then crossed over as fused glass has come to the forefront In the last couple of decades. I create decorative and functional pieces using both methods. My product line contains everything from suncatchers and garden ornaments to framed art pieces and dishes. I have taken several classes and workshops through the U of S, the Saskatoon Glassworkers’ Guild and the Glass Expo in the States. This has enabled me to keep up with new products and techniques. Nothing is better than learning the basics of a new technique and then taking it back to my studio to put my own spin on it. I love to push the boundaries and find out what happens. There is no other medium like glass. Your piece can be altered by many factors, such as layering colours, adding different amounts of heat or having the presence or lack of light when displayed. To this day, I always look forward to opening up the kiln to see what happened. I am a juried member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council. I take part in several shows during the year (ie Bazaart, Wintergreen, Guild Show) and sell my pieces in a few storefronts.

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Kattail Acres

I create intricate mosaic designs using vitreous tiles, ceramic tile, stained glass and broken china, often incorporating interesting elements such as keys, mirror pieces, and pottery shapes. Ladybugs also have a way of making their way into my designs. I have been creating mosaics for 25 years, and recently, I have been working on “Yard Art,” using building supplies such as PVC pipes to create mosaic garden poles and Kerdi board to create mosaic mandalas. I also make mosaic mirrors, tables, trays and art pieces. I love all the different aspects of mosaicing (is that a word?) – everything from using the band saw to cut out my shapes, to designing and creating the actual mosaics and yes, even the grouting! During the pandemic, I started creating DIY mosaic kits as a way to get my art out to people, and they are now one of my more very popular items!

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Glassy Eyed

I’ve been working with Hot Glass since 1999. I use a propane & oxygen torch to melt soda lime glass and sculpt the molten glass in the flame. Each flower and leaf is individually sculpted freehand and is set in a handmade (by me) wood base once the glass is annealed. I’ve always felt a deep connection with nature, and it’s a balance between resilience and fragility. My work is inspired by this connection, especially to the wild, determined plants that seem to grow in the most challenging conditions and the strong bonds and associations we have with them. I don’t attempt to make exact replicas of nature but reflect the feel and emotion of each plant.

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Through Glass Images

I upcycle primarily cutlery to make jewellery and novelty items, such as wind chimes and hand gesture key rings. Jewellery is embellished with semi-precious stones. I am self-taught and designed several of my tools. I provide a broad variety of sizes, so I can provide most people with rings or bracelets that fit them. At shows, I adjust ring sizes and change chains on pendants so clients can enjoy their purchase. I also swap beads on bracelets to fit people’s wishes. I also do photography with an emphasis on rural and rustic scenes, especially during winter storms.

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Partially sighted from MS and using all my energy to empower women in poverty. Handmade jewelry from women & their families in Bali. We’ve been recognized by the Indonesian Embassy for our humanitarian work.

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My True Luminosity

I create original, sustainable pieces of wearable art from a combination of antique, vintage bits, reworked vintage jewelry, vintage glass and new elements. I work hard to source materials from antique/collector shows, estate sales and auctions, carefully researching the history of each piece before transforming the materials into refreshed one-of-a-kind pieces. I come from a long line of artists; I work in a variety of creative mediums, but making assemblage jewelry is my passion. I romanticize about the history of the pieces I’m working with, I love giving these old treasures new life, much like the wearer each piece is one of a kind, designed and handcrafted by me.

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Debbie Lee Jewellery Designs

I hand make (not assemble) and design sterling silver, 14k gold filled jewelry. In designing my rings, I use natural gemstones and cubic zirconia, making my own bezel settings to fit the stones. I also design spinner rings using sterling silver & 14k gold filled, which my customers love because I am designing pieces with mixed metals. I also design one of a kind necklaces (short and long), bracelets and earrings, using sterling silver and 14k gold filled. I mix my metals to create statement pieces that are very modern/contemporary and to be worn as every day wear jewelry. I have received my Levels I and II in metalsmithing at the Neil Balkwell Centre. My passion is designing rings, and I bring about 300 handmade one-of-a-kind rings to the show! I also design copper, brass and bronze casual wear earrings as well. Jewelry designing has become my full-time passion!

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Shannon R Welch Jewellery

I create one-of-a-kind pieces in sterling silver and gold. My work reflects both a modernist aesthetic and a love of the natural world. I am continually learning and evolving, and my designs reflect my desire for this evolution.

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Molly Ocean Patterson is a Saskatchewan-born Métis artisan/craftswoman who has worked in the Film Industry for the past ten years and travelled to quite a few countries all over for work. Recently, she moved back home with her wife and ‘model in residence,’ Sofía, to transition to a quieter life of crafts, gardening, and family making (cats included). Her designs are influenced by different life experiences along her travels, and her interests in Folklore, Mythology and Pictorial Arts.

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Quirks & Twists Jewelry

I am a Saskatoon artist who creates one-of-a-kind jewelry by repurposing vintage pieces into new, unique designs and have been designing and creating jewelry since 2003. My pieces are comprised of vintage jewelry mixed with new material. Usually, I use one or two vintage pieces as the focal point of a design and add smaller vintage pieces and new items. I love the thought of mixing old with new and using a piece with a history to make it new again and tell a story. The history, versatility and sparkle of each piece are meant to showcase the sparkling individuality of the woman who is wearing it. These pieces can be incorporated into any wardrobe, whether it is casual or formal. My inspiration comes from the vintage pieces that I use. Every piece that is incorporated into my work comes with a bit of history and I strive to try and maintain the history while giving it a more modern look. I find myself looking for inspiration everywhere – it’s a constant mental challenge. My ideas come from several different places, whether it is old pictures and movies, music that I am listening to, my travels or the environment around me. The process of making each piece involves the preparation of the vintage pieces, including the repair of items, the removal of pin backs or earring backs, cleaning, sanding, polishing and epoxying. I then begin the design process by combining these items with other materials until I am satisfied with their look and then complete the piece. I have also begun to utilize my vintage jewelry stash by creating unique décor items such as one-of-a-kind jewelled ornaments, wreaths, windchimes and suncatchers with a vintage flair. This involves a similar process and lots of time!

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Maria Hendrika Art Jewellery

Regina-based metalsmith Maria Hendrika creates one-of-a-kind and small collections of fine jewellery. She works primarily with sterling silver, vitreous enamel and precious stones, often combining mediums to produce intricate pieces resembling miniature art works. Her designs are embraced by customers who wish to express their individuality with imaginative and
timeless jewellery. Maria is a juried member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council, a member of the Canadian Crafts Federation and a founding member of the Jewellery Artists Guild of Regina.

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33 Birds Eye

I create unique gemstone jewelry and accessories that capture the beauty of nature. My earrings combine crystals, beads, and charms to add a touch of sparkle and personality. For bookmarks, I use a metal feather with a beaded charm that elegantly drapes over your favourite book. With wire wrapping, I transform crystals into stunning necklaces and rings. I also hand string bracelets, carefully selecting crystals that align with each zodiac sign. Additionally, I craft gemstone trees and bring clay scenes and creatures to life. Each piece is a reflection of my passion for creating art inspired by the wonders of the natural world.


Forever Golden Permanent Jewelry

I am a permanent jewelry artist. I design, cut and weld chains on the client’s wrists on the spot. It’s a unique, custom fit for each client. I use a micro-welder to fuse the metal together on the client’s wrist with a small, pain-free spark.

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Hawk + Aspen Handmade

Jewellery artist Kimberly Sakundiak works from her solar-powered home studio in Lumsden, SK. Taking cues the local landscape, Kimberly sells her work under the name Hawk + Aspen which is derived from memories of a childhood spent on the Saskatchewan prairie. Hawk + Aspen pieces are designed and consciously crafted by hand, from scratch, using traditional metal smithing techniques. With a commitment to environmentally sustainable design using recycled metals and ethically sourced raw materials, Hawk + Aspen pieces are a statement against fast fashion.

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JAM + co Jewelry

I create delicate jewelry using carefully sourced gold and gemstones. Everything I sell is handmade by me here in Regina, SK. I make quality jewelry meant to be worn every day.

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The Flowered Raven

The Flowered Raven is a Gwich’in (Indigenous) and Métis-led brand by artist Parker Bourque. Based in Saskatoon, Parker creates beadwork inspired by her heritage and the natural world. She began her beading journey and brand in 2020 as an appreciation and exploration of art that is close to her heart. Her motivation is to continue to create beauty influenced by traditional roots while helping others to feel bold and beautiful. The Flowered Raven’s specialty includes lightweight statement jewelry and accessories that are composed of traditional and contemporary materials. Wearable art pieces include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, moccasins, and hair accessories. Each piece is handmade with high-quality materials (ex., sterling silver and gold-filled findings, home-tanned moose hide, and Miyuki glass beads). The traditional methods used in her artwork involve time-consuming beading, sewing, and caribou hair tufting. The Flowered Raven’s aim is to provide lasting yet unique handmade accessories.

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Rogue Jewelry Designs

I have been designing and making jewelry for most of my life. I started working with FIMO in elementary school and have been making jewelry as my full-time job for 10 years now. I work with a variety of different materials, metals and stones. Nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing the people who have been purchasing my jewelry for years come back year after year.

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JLK Designs

I have been designing and creating jewelry for nearly two decades in my home studio. My designs include sterling silver, 14kt gold and rose gold-filled earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles and rings. I enjoy incorporating unique elements into my designs, such as gemstones, Swarovski crystals and beads, semi-precious beads and cabochons, and unexpected patterns. I draw inspiration from a variety of sources including nature, architecture, and fashion. Each piece begins with the raw materials and is then hand-crafted by myself with care and attention to detail, ensuring that it is both beautiful and durable. While my designs and skill level have progressed over the years, my dedication to providing high-quality pieces to my customers has never wavered. My jewelry is characterized by its minimalistic and simplistic design that is versatile enough to wear for any occasion, whether you’re heading out for a coffee catch-up or a fancy dinner date. I have always been drawn to the art of jewelry making. One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is seeing how my jewelry resonates with my customers. I love hearing stories about how a piece of jewelry I
created has become a cherished keepsake or a symbol of a special moment in someone’s life. It brings me great joy to know that my designs are not only appreciated for their aesthetic appeal but also for the meaning and the sentiment they evoke. The idea of creating pieces that people can wear and cherish for a lifetime is deeply satisfying to me. In collaboration with my daughter, I have taken the JLK brand to new heights by introducing Studio by JLK
– Permanent Jewelry. Effortless, beautiful, maintenance-free, custom-fit bracelets, necklaces and anklets that are expertly fused to be worn for as long as you want. Offering 14kt gold filled, sterling silver and rose gold selections. No more fiddling with clasps. Wear them. Enjoy them. Love them. Working with my daughter on this project has been very rewarding. It has been wonderful to share my passion for jewelry making with her and to see her own creativity blossom.

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FourSquared Designs

We make handmade jewelry taught to us through various classes offered throughout the city. We use silver, premium beads procured from around the world, sustainable leather and cork, the world’s smallest handmade mosaic tiles, and precious gemstones. We also make one-of-a-kind, fun clothing that can be worn by all. Everything points to individuality, beauty and quality. It is our pleasure to show you what we can do.

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DORÉ by Lisa Adele

Doré by Lisa Adele is handcrafted unique jewellery made in Canada. Using the lost wax process, her pieces are sculpted in wax and then cast in metal. Inspired by intricate patterns in nature, flourishes of vintage surrealism and imbued with folklore and spiritualism. High-quality craftsmanship culminates in jewellery that is truly distinctive and one of a kind. She works with high-quality gemstones, bronze, silver, gold vermeil, gold fill and solid gold.

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••>>DBL <<••

Jewelry designed to Evoke Confidence and radical self-love in women. We want to encourage women to love the skin they are in with our inspiring jewelry designs. We create jewelry for everybody and everyday girl …We design lucky penny bracelets .. keepsakes to celebrate you & bring you more luck & love ❤️
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My name is Yasuhiro Wada, and I handcraft 90% of my jewelry in my studio. A small portion of my art is laser cut and then polished and assembled by me or cast elsewhere and polished/assembled by me. I started this in 2024 in order to provide a wider price point so that more people can afford to buy and wear artisan designed jewelry. I believe in transparency in our material sourcing and am always straightforward about where we buy our gems/minerals. I am always striving to look for better sources. I buy the highest quality new and repurposed gems and minerals that I can find, and I research tirelessly. Gems and minerals are a passion of mine, and I’m always aiming higher. I studied in Chiapas, Mexico (2012), with a traditional silversmith as a teacher. I studied Spanish while I studied silversmithing, and I have been making jewelry as a side, and eventually my main income since. I live for designing new and abstract concepts, and people tend to value my originality and concepts. In Japan, one of my main streams of income was custom orders, where my customers brought their own stones. I have had a very large number of custom orders, and fulfilling people’s dreams for jewelry has broadened my skill more than I could have imagined. I would love to continue to provide this service in Canada as it tends to mean a lot to the customers, especially when I’m repurposing heirloom stones.

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G. McB. Smith

I am a blacksmith and welder. My work includes traditional forged ironwork as well as contemporary rustic sculptures. Using a variety of found, salvaged, and recycled materials, I capture birds, animals, and other creatures.

Wingnut Enterprizes

I use traditional methods of glassblowing and blacksmith to produce unique items for your interior and exterior spaces. I make pieces from handheld to mammoth pieces.


BarnCat Designs

My name is Rod and I’ve done welded metal work for over 15 years now. I originally started out making metal tables with mosaic tile tops. I then moved on to making metal stick figures or “Wire guy” as I can them. These have been very popular, and I have sold hundreds of them. I also, through request, started making metal flowers and other wonder garden décor, also extremely popular. Over the years I’ve been challenged with many a custom orders, from a 6 foot metal lily to a highly detailed scale model metal airplane. As I progress as an artist, I’m always trying out new ideas!

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Susan Alvarez

I use various materials in creating my original work, including paper collage and acrylic-based
contemporary paintings, hand-painted purses and throw pillows, as well as jewelry of my original design using recycled CDs and silver-soldered earrings and hand-beaded earrings.

Artistic Designs by Cindy

Hi, I’m an artisan creating paintings from acrylic paint and alcoholic inks on canvas, wood, furniture, lazy susans, lp records, jewelry, and other upcycled materials. I love using the acrylic pour technique with geode techniques added to it. My paintings are all one of a kind and can’t be duplicated using these techniques. I also create many resin items such as dragons, frogs, lizards, coasters, bowls and other items using mica powders, acrylics, glitters, stones and alcohol inks. I am a member of the Regina Prairie Artists Guild and would love to be a part of your show again this year.


Philia Bijoux

Philia Bijoux creations is inspired by colours, texture and flow found in nature. As well as a need to share functional beauty with others. Jewelry pieces are designed and created using clay, semi precious gemstones, Japanese glass, Egyptian crystal and hypoallergenic metals. Our line of home decor items includes hand poured concrete trays inlayed with resin, sculptures, flower pots and vases, texture and yarn (rug) decor, brass wall jewelry, mobiles and sun catchers.

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Vanessa Wraithe Studio

I am an emerging multidisciplinary artist working in a wide variety of traditional and digital media. Through cathartic experimentation, I explore and challenge with every stroke of the brush, pinch of the clay, and word on the page. My art practice addresses a diverse range of themes informed by my interactions with nature and place, my life-long struggles with neurodivergence and mental illnesses, and the societal pressures I encounter as an untraditional and unconventional queer woman. Unconcerned with realism, my process-based works utilize varying methods of expressionism and fuse strategies of representation, abstraction, and surrealism to capture the worries and dreams that form the essence of my lived, shared, and imagined experiences. Influencing consideration and contemplation, my works aim to elicit a visceral response from the viewer.

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Marla Childs Artwork

I am a Saskatchewan mixed media artist. I use painting, drawing, and printmaking techniques to create works that attempt to reflect the beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world. I primarily use fine-tip ink pens and watercolour to create layers of depth and detail to pull the viewer in. I draw much of my inspiration from nature, with a preference for local plants and animals. I’m also fascinated by our interactions with these creatures and the mythology they inspire.

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Maureen Bachmann Art

I create uniquely upcycled assemblage art using second-hand items, which I source from my recycling bin, garage sales, and donations from friends and family. My goal is to surprise and delight the viewer by presenting the mundane masquerading as the extraordinary while subtly hinting at the excess of unwanted detritus in our lives. I hope people come away from my booth questioning their own consumer habits and considering how they might reduce/reuse the stuff that inhabits their space.

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Miss Bees Knees Creations

I use archival ink pens or wood burning to provide contrast to the colourful watercolour paintings I create. Combining these mediums brings out so much detail in the paintings. I am fascinated by nature and the beauty Saskatchewan has to offer, and I try to represent this in my artwork using hexagonal and Saskatchewan-shaped ‘windows’ full of colour.


Jamie Leibel

What I make: I’m a mixed-media artist who has set out to explore and evolve the art of traditional stained glass. I create one-of-a-kind glass art pieces through the manipulation of the light/glass interaction, unique soldering techniques, gilding and both enamel and acrylic paint. The final piece is designed to be mounted on a wall and not hung in front of a light source, allowing infinitely more options for display.
How I make it: By playing with the opacity of the glass and coloured backgrounds, I remove the transmission of light through the glass, revealing the beauty otherwise hidden. Each image uses traditional stained glass accompanied by unique metal soldering techniques to provide not only provide structural integrity but also visual interest as the solder spikes and pools when it melts and cools. The glass and solder are further highlighted with enamel paint and, on occasion, gold or silver gilding. The glass image(s) is mounted on either an acrylic-painted canvas or masonite panel, creating a relief of about 3mm.
Why I make it: As a neurodivergent person, artist and craftsman, I love to explore and push the limits of what is possible. I have always loved working with glass, and I want to truly push the limits of what is possible to show glass’s relevance in contemporary art. In 2023, I had multiple pieces of my glass art juried by the Saskatchewan Craft Council, where I received a
100% for quality. One juror even remarked, “No. I have never seen anything like this,” when asked if anyone had questions. All four jurors strongly encouraged me to continue pushing my craft and further exploring the world of glass art.

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Lost Design Co.

As a digital illustrator with a passion for creating captivating and whimsical pieces, my focus is on bringing joy and beauty into everyday life through a range of artistic offerings.
My specialty lies in crafting unique suncatchers that dance with brilliant rainbows, vinyl decals that add flair to various surfaces, enchanting bookmarks, and a delightful array of stationery accessories. Drawing inspiration from the charming aesthetics of cottage core and infused with a subtle touch of Japanese influence, my work embodies a harmonious blend of elements. Botanical motifs are a recurring theme in my creations, bringing the natural world to life in vibrant and imaginative ways. My artistic process involves meticulous sketching, precise linework, and a love for exploring diverse colour palettes. The result is a collection that radiates warmth, nostalgia, and a touch of magic. Each piece tells a story, inviting viewers to connect with the beauty that surrounds us. Each piece comes from my heart as an extension of myself.


Natsukashii Visuals

Hey there, my name is Kaitlyn, and I’m an automotive illustrator. I studied graphic design at Red River College, and I wanted to bring a unique and affordable option for my fellow car enthusiasts. All of my work is made from digital illustrations using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator on an iPad. With my art, I make prints and stickers myself using a Roland BN20 because although I prefer drawing digitally, I still love to see my work come to life, and I want people to see my art in real life and take that moment to appreciate the details rather than scroll past on their phones. I make hoodies with my art, where all of them are
printed on direct-to-film heat transfer vinyl and applied using a heat press, all done in-house (my home). I also have keychains, but they are small batch orders from a company that can do acrylic work.

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Rosie The Flower Truck

Rosie is our flower truck that sells hand-tied bouquets and plants.



I create reasonably priced decorative pieces of art made from cement. Some pieces also include acrylic paint, depending on the item. My pieces are unique to Saskatchewan (as far as I know, the only one that does this), and I love creating a variety of different pieces. I created these pieces because I love that no two pieces are the same. I have very high standards and love what I do. I can be as creative as I like, as there are so many options with cement, including custom orders, which I love as it connects me and the purchaser even more. Customers always comment that they have never seen anything like it and that cement has never looked so good! I have many followers and repeat customers from all over Canada.


Lin Tholl Photography

I am a nature photographer, photographing landscapes and wildlife. I take the images with my digital camera and process them to maximize their natural beauty. The images are then printed on canvas or paper by my professional-grade printer and framed by myself. For photos that are either too large for my personal printer or printed on metal, I outsource to a Canadian printer that also prints in museum-grade quality.

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Tangled Stories Designs and Creations

Tangled Stories offers a wide variety of products containing digital artworks or paintings. Our main products are weatherproof stickers, which are perfect for personalizing items such as your vehicle, water bottles, and gadgets. We also offer greeting cards, keychains, bookmarks, tumblers, mouse pads, original artworks and more. A wide variety of our designs are inspired by our own life stories and interests, including Saskatchewan-inspired stickers, dinosaurs, flowers, and plants.

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Walden Sweet Textiles

Wayne and I are Canadian artists who work in printmaking and surface design. We create goods for the home using traditional silkscreen printmaking. Our continuous patterns are printed onto cotton/linen material and then made into tea towels, throw cushions, and sometimes even wall hangings. We attend markets like Bazaart to connect with our customers who are looking for and appreciate creative handmade goods.

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SaskBooks is the creative industry association representing book publishers in the province. On behalf of our members, we sell high-quality Saskatchewan-published books in all genres, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s books, cookbooks, and more.

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D'licious Treats

I am a self-taught baker. I only use the highest quality ingredients like Butter, Callebaut chocolate & pure extracts. I put so much love & care into every treat I make because I just love what I do.

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The Cookie Lady

The original Cookie Lady since 1994.

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Ambitious Baker

I am a one-woman operation specializing in sourdough products: sourdough bread, sourdough bagels, and sourdough cinnamon buns. I started out making sourdough bread as a side hustle when the pandemic hit. I then was able to make my passion for baking my full-time job and have been doing so for three years now. I make it because being in the kitchen is my happy place. And I love hearing how it helps others, be it with their health or gut issues or simply because they enjoy it.

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Pueblo Chili Co.

Pueblo Chili Co. is a small-batch hot sauce business from Regina, Saskatchewan, owned and operated by Chilean-Canadian spice girl Raquel Vigueras. We use fresh ingredients to create unique flavours of hot sauce to help you elevate your culinary experiences. Whether you’re using our hot sauces as condiments, marinades, dipping sauces, or mixing them into cocktails, we have the perfect hot sauces for your needs. With varying levels of heat with every flavour, there’s truly something that everyone can enjoy, no matter how big (or small) of a hot sauce aficionado you are! Raquel’s father, Claudio Vigueras Zanetta, immigrated to Canada from Chile as a refugee in the mid-1970s because of a US-backed coup d’état that occurred on September 11, 1973. He was held in a concentration camp before being exiled to Argentina and eventually immigrating to Canada as a political refugee. There’s a song titled “El pueblo unido jamás será vencido” that was part of the Chilean New Song movement that’s near and dear to her heart. It was recorded in 1973 by Quilapayún and was the anthem of the popular unity government, and eventually became the anthem of the Chilean resistance to the Pinochet regime. Music is hugely important in Chilean culture and politics and to the whole Vigueras family. It was only fitting to name the business after something that brought people together to fight for the rights of the working-class people of Chile.
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Tina Waters Artist

As a prairie girl I am compelled to paint stunning pieces of the landscapes and animals of Saskatchewan and beyond. I mostly use oil prints, but I also paint in acrylic.

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Roland Daum Artist

I create en plein air landscapes from the 3 most Western Canadian Provinces. The prairies, foothills and mountains continue to entice me. My outside paintings and sketches create my entire body of work. ( I do, however, refer to my black and white photos for reference and compositions) I continue to delve into the places most people overlook. A path that is less travelled but, for some unknown reason, touches me. I have been painting for 50 years, and I am always learning, thinking and excited about creating!


Cranky Goat Studio

I create one-of-a-kind, prairie-inspired paintings, often on upcycled canvas in old distressed frames. I have no formal art background, and like the prairie we live on, my art is untamed, wild and free. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of mark-making materials; I like to say I use the “mad scientist ” approach to painting…anything goes! Art is my therapy, a true outlet for me, a safe space to express everything I feel. Every wild and uninhibited stroke I make replenishes the fuel I need to find the light and joy in this world. I am very blessed to spend my days in my home studio creating, and I am both thrilled and honoured when someone finds something unique or beautiful in one of my paintings.


Madhavi’s Art Gallery

Madhavi is a South Asian woman whose deep connection with nature, music, life, hope, and Indian culture fuels her artistic vision. With a profound belief in the power of imagination, dreams, soul, and ambition, Madhavi channels these elements onto her canvases, creating vibrant and evocative works of art. Through her creations, she aims to inspire others to embrace their cultural heritage, connect with nature, and find hope and joy in life’s journey.

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Patrick Markle Studio

Contemporary landscape painter Patrick Markle lives and works in Fernie, BC. With his use of smooth swirling lines, dramatic light and form, Markle’s work focuses on the rhythm of the natural world and his place within it. By utilizing bold colours and clean lines, Patrick has developed his own recognizable style, which is full of movement and life. In doing so, a spirit of exploration and adventure dominates his paintings and reflects an outdoor-based lifestyle which is ingrained in Canadian Culture.

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Justine Marie Studios

Local talent. Global ambitions. Justine M. Schlosser is a Saskatchewan-born artist and interior designer whose work has been featured in homes and businesses across North America. She is known for her serene, nature-inspired palettes, her use of iridescent and metallic paints, and her creation of beautiful, inspiring spaces with layers of detail.
“My creative process balances complexity and simplicity. I’m inspired not only by nature, but by conversations, music, textiles, photography, and architecture. Each of these contain meaning that forms the layers of my work. Working in layers requires intuition and patience. I have come to appreciate the impact and importance of trust—both in myself and in the process—as I pause and reflect between each layer. Whether I am creating an artwork for myself or for a client, these layers build over time to spark curiosity and tell a story. I’m extremely fortunate I get to make the world an even more beautiful place.”
Justine draws inspiration from the land of living skies to the California coast.
JMS offers products and services that inspire others to embrace their creativity.

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Samantha Ring Art & Design

A professional artist and interior decorator, Samantha is well known for her abstract landscapes, custom pet paintings, and design advice. She creates original paintings with oil and acrylic paint on canvas and reproductions printed on high-quality paper and canvas. Her use of vibrant colours and textures will brighten up your home and provide an optimistic vibe for you and your family to enjoy.

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Tony's Fluid Art Creations

I’m Tony, and I love creating unique and one-of-a-kind handmade acrylic paintings. I have been pour painting for more than two years, and it has been a great creative outlet I didn’t realize I had. Using bright colours and contrast, each piece has unpredictable endings using several pouring techniques that help to create really great depth. I have really enjoyed seeing my growth over the last two years, having been able to display my artwork at local galleries, fundraisers and other events I have attended. Lastly, I create acrylic paintings as a creative outlet for myself, but more so for others to enjoy in their new homes. I have also really enjoyed building a community of artists locally and across other platforms who support my creative side and push me to improve daily.

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In my paintings, I like to capture the silent poetry in the local Landscape. My work includes both urban and rural setups, primarily in the prairies but also elsewhere in Canada.

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Lloyd Dubois

I paint with acrylics on paper and canvas. My works are faith-based: using stylized animals, lodges, plants, and others, I create compositions that attempt to depict my cultural understanding of the relationships between human beings and the Spirit-world. My subjects include: bears, bison, eagles, wolves, turtles, thunderbirds (to name a few)—as “Helpers,” these messengers help me strive to be a goodly human being in our shared social spaces.

Cliff barabash studio

I am a multi-interest artist working in acrylic painting and carving, mainly soapstone. I started as an acrylic painter and moved into other interests, like carving. A lot of my carving process includes using reclaimed and scavenged materials in producing my art.

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Laura Hamilton Art

My art collection has been created for everyone of every age. I believe that art is not just for fancy people. We are all worthy of beautiful and meaningful art. My artwork is described as whimsical, sweet, and romantic. My signature female characters are playful women with charming vintage dresses, striped stockings, fun floral patterns, and everything in between.
At the heart of my artwork is a feeling of nostalgia. It is like that warm, fuzzy emotion that we feel when we think of fond memories from our past. My inspirations come from everyday life. My original oil paintings are my interpretations of beautiful women. These women are usually in motion – whether it be dancing, riding a bike, or just day-to-day life on the open prairies. The woman may look different from painting to painting, but it is her soul that connects all of my work. She is graceful and free-spirited. She lives a simple life and calls nature her home. She
could be any age…17, 34, or 82…but it is her spirit that remains youthful.

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Jane's Gallery

The beauty of nature is something that people of all cultures and walks of life appreciate and enjoy. I strive to capture this beauty through the use of acrylic paint on canvas, ready to hang in your home. These visual works of art can calm, soothe, inspire, energize, and promote joy. I paint from photos that I take on holidays, hikes, and walks around my small village. I have been painting off and on for 50 years, and strive to realistically yet artistically portray what I see. The urge to create is inherent, whatever direction that takes, and I feel compelled to create beauty around myself, whether it is planting flowers or painting.

Art by: Raef-Mgs

I am a local artist here in Regina. I have been painting professionally for about 16 years. I am a mixed medium artist; I have a unique style, from street art to abstract. I use acrylic and spray paint on all my pieces. I don’t like to stick to one style as I am forever growing. I like to include other materials within my paintings, adding texture and depth to each piece. All my pieces are based on feeling / music and what I’m experiencing in life. If that’s a feeling of joy or being lost. My pieces are expressions of highs and lows. I like to think of my pieces as visually stimulating. As I add a mix of street art/ graffiti and abstract within every detail. I am a self taught artist as I started with the love of drawing. People and things I have seen. I tried several different mediums along the way till I found how acrylic paints and spray paint can combine a unique look. Taking my paintings and murals to another level together.
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Tquon fine arts

I am a First Nations painter. I paint on paper canvas, using different tools, brushes, sponges, and techniques. I love to showcase my work at shows and art markets. I learned my style of painting from a mentor and friend and also came up with my own style over the years.


Inspired Wood Creations

Every piece of wood tells a story, and it is our passion at Wood Inspired Creations to bring that to life. We will never cut or use living trees for our work. All product incorporated is reused, recycled or repurposed. We source a variety of woods all native to Canada. Oak, birch, maple
spruce, fir, pine, apple, cedar(white, red), poplar(black, white), diamond willow. All our creations are designed and handcrafted by the artist. No piece will be duplicated, and all are unique. The finish we use was developed in 1930, proving its strengths. We prefer not to use epoxy finishes as we desire that you, the customer, can see and feel the beauty of the wood used. We can, of course, incorporate epoxy finishes upon request. We can also do custom work if required. Our goal is to showcase the unique qualities, diversity and beauty of

Brian Baggett Wood Craft

Brian Baggett is a lifelong musician who embraced a creative outlet of assembling hardwood boxes and related mosaic wood art. After a brief career in construction and remodelling, Brian began experimenting with hardwoods during down times from recording an album. Brian uses the global array of hardwood species and local woods as his colour palette, creating mosaics inspired by improvisational music and sound art. All of his box creations are in as natural of a state as possible: no color-altering oils or stains are used, and no hardware is attached. All boxes are unique, one of a kind and finished with Tung oil and a local beeswax mix. Brian Baggett Wood Craft began in 2016 and is based in Fort Qu’Appelle.

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JMS Woodworking Canada

I am the owner of JMS Woodworking Canada, a local business that specializes in creating exquisite wooden products. In my workshop, I personally handcraft each item using rough lumber, which I carefully mill and dimension to meet my specific requirements. Giving back to the community is important to me, and whenever possible, I actively seek opportunities to contribute. My diverse range of creations includes cutting boards, charcuterie boards, jewelry boxes, clocks, fish boards, cribbage boards, cottage signs, and so much more. I take pride in using high-quality hardwoods like maple, walnut, cherry, oak, and hickory to ensure that each piece is not only durable but also visually stunning. With a keen eye for detail and a genuine passion for woodworking, I pour my heart and soul into every creation, resulting in unique,
handcrafted pieces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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Fine edge cabinetry and millwork ltd

We are a professional woodworking shop that makes 2 lines of work, the first is handmade wood furniture and the second line is our handmade kitchen wares. We are a husband and wife shop, and along with our daughter, we make wood kitchen utensils, including cooking spatulas, utensils, rolling pins, cutting boards and wood tongs. All ourwork we wish to show at bazaart is handmade and the finest quality. We began making utensils with the remainder of the wood from our furniture making, and now we have a mainstream production of items. Each utensil is cut on a bandsaw of domestic hardwoods, including cherry, maple and walnut. After rough cutting, each spatula or tong is hand-shaped with a spokeshave on a shaving bench. All are hand-sanded, branded and piled, and waxed. Our cutting boards and rolling pins complement the utensils to balance out the full range of kitchen wares.

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Timber & Quill

Timber & Quill specializes in creating unique boho-inspired handcrafted wooden signs and home decor, along with waterproof stickers. Using various mediums including but not limited to plaster, drywall compound, macrame cord, and yarn, they have recently branched out into creating textured and dimensional artwork as well. Caryn & Ryan are completely self-taught and truly enjoy exploring their creative side. All items are completely hand-crafted by Caryn & Ryan.

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Prairie Sky Edge Works

The items that we create consist of many different species of wood. These items would consist of
charcuterie boards, cutting boards, bread knives, and crib boards, to name a few. We also use epoxy with wood to create items such as coasters and wine caddies, to name a couple. We enjoy working with wood as a medium with so many different colors and species of wood. Your creativity is only limited by your imagination. This will be demonstrated by the examples provided.


Country Angel Rustic Decor

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Mr Spudds Poutinerie


The Frying Deutschmann


JP Goodstuff


Favorito Foods


Prime Bistro

Information for Artisans


The MacKenzie Art Gallery is accepting applications from artists, and artisans for our 51st Annual Event! Artisans, food vendors, and community organizations interested in participating in 2024 Bazaart must submit a completed application form and corresponding fees using the links provided.

  • EARLY BIRD DEADLINE – Thursday, 15 February, 2024
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE – Thursday, 29 February, 2024
*Artisans who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to an additional charge of $50 for late administration fees.

Rules and Regulations for Vendors

  • Bazaart accepts applications from a wide range of established and emerging Canadian artists and craftspeople employing both traditional and experimental art forms.
  • Bazaart is a juried show, meaning that submitted applications will undergo a careful review by a panel of experts who will evaluate and select participants based on originality, technical skill and quality, and cultural competency. You can find information on the assessment criteria here.
  • Jury members and their immediate family are not eligible to apply.
  • Artisans must electronically submit three high quality images of their work along with the application. If no photos are submitted, the application will be considered incomplete.
  • Artists interested in participating in Bazaart must submit a completed application form by Thursday, 29 February, 2024. Our jury will review your application, return their selections to the Gallery, who will then notify the successful applicants. See
  • Application Fees and Deadlines and Notification for more information.
  • Artisans who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to an additional charge of $50 for late administration fees.

The MacKenzie is committed to maintaining a high standard of work at Bazaart and therefore reserves the right to decline applications regardless of past participation.

All works exhibited should be the intellectual property of the maker. As such, mass-produced and re-sale products that have not been created by the applicant (either solo or in collaboration with another artist) do not meet our criteria for display and sale. All works must be an original creation.

It is an expectation of the MacKenzie Art Gallery that the creation, sale, and marketing of your work reflects an understanding and adherence to CARFAC’s ‘Think Before You Appropriate’ guidelines; a tool to assist makers in ensuring that their designs are sensitive to issues of misappropriation. Please read the full guide here. 

If your project is Indigenous-led or is in collaboration with an Indigenous artist, we ask that you identify that information on your application. This information helps to ensure these guidelines are
met during the adjudication process.

The exhibited work must correspond with the quality and style of the digital images submitted.

All completed applications received by the MacKenzie Art Gallery on or before Thursday, 29 February, 2024, will be reviewed by the 2024 Bazaart Jury. Artists will be notified of the status of their application by 25 March, 2024. Notification will be via e-mail unless a preference for notification by phone or post is indicated.

Unsuccessful applicants will have their fee refunds processed on 26 March, 2024.

Note: It can take up to 7 business days for financial institutions to deposit funds after the Gallery processes the refund. Please contact Carrie Smith at for more information.

Please note: Booth sharing is NOT permitted.


  • Early bird price: $250 – application must be submitted on or before Thursday, 15 February, 2024.
  • Regular price: $275 – application must be submitted on or before Thursday 29 February, 2024.
  • Artisans who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to an additional charge of $50 for late administration fees.
  • Booth size: 10 FT W x 15 FT D.
  • Electricity to booths is an additional $30. Power is available in booths 73-154 only.


  • $415 (includes power and Wascana Authority fees) – application must be submitted on or before Thursday 29 February, 2024.
  • Artisans who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to an additional charge of $50 for late administration fees.
  • Booth size: 10 FT W x 20 FT D.
  • Any vendors operating a food concession or selling food products for consumption off-site need to follow SHA Guidelines–please see Health & Safety Permits.

We ask all those applying to participate as a juror, vendor, or volunteer for Bazaart, to please take a moment to read our Vision, Values, Equity, and Accessibility Statements.

We believe that artists and their engagement with our visitors are essential to the success of the MacKenzie, and the success of Bazaart as both a fundraiser for our programming and an opportunity for artists to connect with one another and the broader community.

We are so excited to celebrate our successes together and work toward the shared goal of creating a meaningful and engaging event. As such, we recognize the value of every vendor and volunteer who participates in Bazaart, and we strive to ensure that we provide a respectful and inclusive event with the highest standards of hospitality. We know that as vendors, you share our passion for the arts with creativity and innovation, and that you support our initiatives by always representing
yourself and the Mackenzie Art Gallery to the best of our shared abilities.

Accordingly, we have a zero-tolerance stance on racially charged, ableist, transphobic, or other discriminatory statements or incidents, and reserve the right to remove from our events any vendor, volunteer, or participant that exhibits behaviour inconsistent with our vision and values Attendees, vendors, and/or volunteers who insult, harass, or otherwise interfere with staff and other participants (including volunteers and vendors) may be kindly asked to leave the Gallery and surrounding property. People who are asked to leave on these grounds, are not entitled to a refund of their admission or fees associated with Bazaart. If you experience or witness any issues, please contact the nearest MacKenzie staff member.

Artisan Vendors accepted to participate in Bazaart are assigned a booth space of approximately 10 feet wide x 15 feet deep on the grounds surrounding the MacKenzie Art Gallery or in the parking area of the T. C. Douglas Building.

Food Vendors accepted to participate are assigned a booth space of approximately 10 feet by 20 feet. Food vendors with trailers are required to indicate the size of their trailer on their application.

All spaces available are indicated on the Bazaart Vendor Map. Applicants are asked to indicate their top three preferred booth locations when applying. While the MacKenzie will try to accommodate all requests, booth display spaces are allotted on a first come, first served basis (based on the date of application). The map is subject to change.

The MacKenzie makes the final decision on allocation of display space.

Artists are responsible for their booth display set-up and take-down and must supply their own tents, tables, chairs, display equipment, hanging supplies, etc. “Knockdown” display systems are recommended for ease of set-up and take-down. Artists are encouraged to have a sign clearly indicating their name. Some booths are on uneven ground; therefore, we require all shelves and display units to be secured and anchored to ensure safety for all participants. Concerns or questions regarding set-up should be directed to the MacKenzie Art Gallery prior to the show’s opening.

Any vendors operating a food concession or selling food products for consumption off-site, please follow this link for the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s Vendor Package – Temporary Permit and email your fully completed application to Carrie Smith by email:

Food Vendors with licensed trailers are not required to complete the Temporary Permit form, instead, please provide a copy of your license to Carrie Smith by email:

Any food vendors that generate grease laden vapor, for example by deep fat frying, cooking meat on stove tops/flat tops, cooking with oil on stove tops/flat tops and charbroiling, must be inspected by Regina Fire Service at least two weeks prior to the event. Email or call (306) 777-7830.

The show goes on, rain or shine! Please note that the event is outside—vendors accepted should have plans for sun/heat management (i.e.: shade structures, water, a fan in the case of booths with electrical), as well as for wind, rain, and/or cooler weather. Artists are responsible for their displays regardless of the weather.

The MacKenzie reserves the right to cancel Bazaart due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstances which pose a safety risk.

Artists accepted to participate in Bazaart but who cannot attend must provide a written notice of cancellation to the Gallery, on or before 15 May, 2024, to receive a refund of their registration fee less a $100 administration fee. Refunds are not available for cancellations made after 15 May, 2024.

The MacKenzie reserves the right to cancel the event at any time, at which point registration fees will be returned in full to vendors. The MacKenzie Art Gallery is not responsible for any fees incurred by vendors related to travel, lodgings, or set-up for the event.

Registration and booth set-up begins at 6:30 AM on Saturday, 15 June, 2024. You must register with our staff upon arrival to receive directions for parking, participant ID, and vendor passes. Booths must be completely set up and ALL vehicles moved out of Lot 1 and the surrounding booth areas to the designated parking area by 9:30 AM. Booth displays MUST remain set up until 5 PM. Parking is available in Lot 2. View the Vendor Map.

The MacKenzie Art Gallery will develop and implement a strategic marketing plan to promote Bazaart. The MacKenzie’s website will showcase Bazaart and the participating artisans. The MacKenzie Art Gallery reserves the right to use images submitted by accepted artists for promotional purposes, both in print and online.

All participating artisans will be listed in the onsite Bazaart directory; listing includes artistic category, name, booth number, website and/or e-mail address. Please ensure you provide all necessary information on the application form. The Bazaart directory provides guests with an overview of all participating vendors and assists them to navigate the Bazaart grounds.

Bazaart is filled with activities for everyone! Live performances, activities for children and families, and free admission to the Gallery invites visitors to stay, play, and shop both inside and outside the Gallery.

For information regarding hotels, motels, restaurants, and attractions, please visit Tourism Regina. If you will need hotel accommodations, we encourage you to contact Carrie Smith for more information about reduced rates and availability with our hospitality partners. 

Carrie Smith, Development Associate, (306) 584-4250 ext. 4254

Information for volunteers


The MacKenzie Art Gallery invites you to join us as a volunteer for our 51st Bazaart Makers Market! Our dedicated volunteers play crucial roles in making this event a success, from assisting with setup and teardown to welcoming artisans, working admission gates and managing parking. As a volunteer, you’ll not only gain complimentary access to the Bazaart Makers Market but also enjoy additional perks, such as a Membership to the MacKenzie Art Gallery, granting you year-round access to our exhibitions and programming.



Information for Jurors

Bazaart 2024 Jurors – Applications Now Closed

Become a vital part of Regina’s vibrant artistic scene by participating in the jury selection of the MacKenzie Art Gallery’s Bazaart vendors. Bazaart is an art, craft, and design fair that showcases the practices of Canadian and local artisans who excel in their chosen medium. Each year over 5,000 attendees support independent makers, artists, and craftspeople by purchasing their work. The MacKenzie Art Gallery is seeking individuals passionate about the arts to join a panel of knowledgeable jurors. This Jury will play a crucial role in providing independent and informed advice on artist applications – ensuring transparency, integrity, and professionalism in the selection of vendors.  

Please note: Bazaart 2024 Jurors and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate as vendors at Bazaart 2024.

Juror assessment criteria

We are dedicated to building a jury that mirrors the diversity of Regina’s population. We aim to include individuals of various ages, backgrounds, identities, and abilities. The MacKenzie Art Gallery believes in creating an inclusive space for all, and the diversity of our jury members is essential in achieving this goal. 

By joining our jury, you contribute to building an immersive centre for art focusing on visitors and artists, Indigenous culture, and diversity while also engaging people in transformative experiences of the world through art. 

We are actively searching for jury members with diverse expertise and experiences, including: 

  • Arts and design professionals with knowledge in fine art and/or craft (e.g., fine-crafts people, makers, artists, curators). 
  • Community members familiar with Regina’s social and cultural climate, demonstrating local awareness (e.g., volunteers, board advisors, grassroots or non-profit community organizers). 

As a form of gratitude and compensation, those chosen to serve as jurors will receive a complimentary Gallery membership and admission passes to Bazaart 2024 events.  

For more information or for help with your application, kindly contact Carrie Smith via email at or phone at 306 584 4250 | ext. 4254