About the Work

Nowhere/Anywhere explores the artist’s ongoing interest in what she calls ‘featureless places,’ spaces she identifies as lacking distinctive geography or architecture. The prairie’s expansive and uniform topography impressed Moore during her move to Saskatchewan. Simultaneously, she was aware that the vast landscape of big box stores and parking lots that occupied Regina were indistinguishable from those of the city she’d left, or those of any major city in North America. Nowhere/Anywhere places the prairie and retail landscapes in discourse with one another, landscapes whose vastness is integral to their presence. The player, represented as a plastic shopping bag, travels gently through the environment. Setting itself apart from the standard of fast-paced action games, Nowhere/Anywhere invites the player to join their presence with that of an all-encompassing landscape.

How to Play

This game uses audio to deliver instructions to the player. Click with left mouse button or trackpad to move. Click and drag rotates player to change direction of movement.

About the Artist

Sandee Moore is a white, settler, cis-woman who proposes to animate social relationships through personal exchange via artwork in media such as performance, video, installation, and interactive electronic sculpture. Moore has screened and exhibited across Canada and Japan, at venues such as The Surrey Art Gallery, The Art Gallery of Alberta, Plug In ICA, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Dalhousie Art Gallery, The Blackwood Gallery, and The Dunlop Art Gallery. 

She earned her B.F.A. (Honours) from The University of Victoria and M.FA. in Intermedia from The University of Regina. She has worked as an arts administrator, writer and university instructor, and regularly publishes her art criticism and scholarly texts in various books, periodicals and newspapers. Moore currently makes her home on Treaty 4 Lands in Regina, SK, where she is employed as Curator of Exhibitions and Programming at the Art Gallery of Regina. 

System Requirements

This game requires a Windows, macOS or Linux desktop or laptop computer. It is recommended to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or a browser that is WebGL 1.0 or 2.0 capable, HTML 5 standards compliant, 64-bit, and WASM capable. Your computer must have a peripheral or integrated microphone. This game does not support mobile (iPhone, iPad, or Android) use.