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This non-medical face mask features the MacKenzie’s “Moving M” – the primary graphic device for our new brand launched in 2019 and is a visual reference to a flickering flame.  

This mask has adjustable ear straps, an adjustable form-fitting nose bridge, and is made from a double layer of soft, moisture-wicking Ice Silk fabric manufactured and printed by Fydelity. Hand washing is recommended and masks should be hung to dry.  

About the MacKenzie Art Gallery Brand
Our new logo began with the concept of sitting around a fire telling stories. We want the MacKenzie to be a creative hub, where everyone can feel welcome to visit, share stories, create, engage, and participate. The off kilter “M”, replacing our old logo, represents the Gallery’s desire to continually change, to offer new and exciting initiatives, and never stay static. We want to shift the perspective of those who come to the MacKenzie, so that they can see the world in a new light, with art that transforms and inspires.  

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