Dreamcatcher by Stanley McKay
Dreamcatcher by Stanley McKay
Dreamcatcher by Stanley McKay
Dreamcatcher by Stanley McKay


These dreamcatchers are handcrafted in Regina by Cree / Saulteaux artist Stanley McKay using sinew, leather, glass, beads and feathers. There are four different sizes available.

From the Artist:
I’m Cree/Saulteaux. My mother Margaret Desjarlais was from Muskowekwan Band, my father was Cree/Scott from Little Black Bear Reservation. I started working on dreamcatchers for my daughters. First, I learned how to wrap leather around the dreamcatchers, then how to put sinew on the inside. After I learned how to do the webbing on the inside, I learned to finish them with beads and feathers. I have been making them for 24 years. I enjoy my work and people and gift stores like my work. There are different legends about the dreamcatchers and I will give you one sample of one I have found.

You hang them by the window or at the head of your bed.
The bad dreams get caught in the web. The good dreams
work their way through the hole in the center, rest on the
feather like a dew drop, and evaporate to the Great Spirit
in the morning sun. The prayer beads on the Dream
Catcher trap all the bad dreams that are left on the web.
The prayer beads then burn them up.

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