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The It is Time campaign has been created as part of the MacKenzie’s new membership drive!

Anyone who renews or purchases a MacKenzie membership at any level will receive additional limited-time benefits to further enhance their member experience.

All donations made when you purchase your membership will be matched dollar for dollar by the MacKenzie Board of Trustees and loyal MacKenzie supporters, who have generously contributed $30,000 toward this campaign (indicated in bold, below).

All funds raised by this campaign will ensure the arts remain accessible to our community through award-winning MacKenzie Art Gallery programs during these uncertain times. 

Thank you to all of the donors who have made this campaign possible. Your support is invaluable at this time.

The MacKenzie Art Gallery is a Registered Charity: 11902 7084 RR0001
Every donation is eligible for a charitable tax receipt.
The MacKenzie accepts donations of stocks and securities.
Gifts of all levels are welcome and appreciated, and you will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your donation.



Doug Johnson


Robert Perry


Mary and Chris Ference

Anthony Kiendl and Joanne Bristol

Johanna and Ben Salloum

Nathan Schissel

Andrea Wagner and Don Hall

Brittany and Chris Yang


Murray and Debby Dollard

Doreen Gallagher

Josh MacFadden

Michael Milani

MWC Chartered Professional Accountants


Mary Baylak

Jackie Martin

Terence McKague

Mary-Jane Potvin

Mark and Janice Stefan


Janet Barber

Lizabeth Brydon

Linda Constantinescu

Violet Cooke

Sanaz Dehghani

Barbara Flaten-Orr

Asma Gehlen

Laurie Hammond

Munir Haque

Carla Harris

Maria Hendrika

Louise Hoffert

Dan Holbrow

Florence Holt

Josie Howard

Gerald Kraus

Anne Brochu Lambert

Ashlee Langlois

Kelly Leichert

Lyle Little

Barry Lotz

Amber MacLeod

Jera Rose MacPherson

Barbara Mader

Karla McManus

Caitlin Mullan

Riley Munro

Cindy Ogilve

Terrence O’Malley

Maureen Ottenbreit

Donalda Parker

Courtenay Phillips

Catherine Robertson

Robert Roy

Don Savaria

Joanne Skidmore

Brenda Smith

Ben Tingley

Mavis Tremblay

Vera Wasiuta

Victoria R. Whitmore

Richard Yoshida

Loranne Young