About the Work

Caring Capacity places the audience in charge of the wellbeing of “CareObjects,” virtual objects with a variety of needs. The piece subverts common game mechanics of destruction, emphasizing the audience’s actions of maintenance. Through interaction, the player will enable the CareObject’s wellness and growth, eventually leading them to multiply. While maintained, the objects produce a generative soundscape which the artist intends as both meditative and overwhelming.  The project is part of a larger body of work exploring connection and care in the context of power, production, and lifespan.

How to Play

This game uses audio. Click with left mouse button or trackpad to select in-game objects. Use the WASD keys on your keyboard to move in 3D space.

About the Artist

Hilarey Cowan is an artist, researcher and adaptable freelancer, working between video, sculpture and performance. After several years abroad she is currently reconnecting with her prairie roots on Treaty 4 Territory, while examining her place and voice as a settler within Canada’s colonial history and reality. Her work explores ideas around labour, care, alienation, networks, geography and touch. Her recent and upcoming exhibitions include Neutral Ground ARC, Vector Festival, and PAVED Arts.    

System Requirements

This game requires a Windows, macOS or Linux desktop or laptop computer. It is recommended to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or a browser that is WebGL 1.0 or 2.0 capable, HTML 5 standards compliant, 64-bit, and WASM capable. This game does not support mobile (iPhone, iPad, or Android) use.