Perler, radicalement (FRENCH)
Perler, radicalement (FRENCH)
Perler, radicalement (FRENCH)
Perler, radicalement (FRENCH)


Curated by Sherry Farrell Racette, Michelle LaVallee and Cathy Mattes

Indigenous artists have long used beadwork to tell stories, honour loved ones and celebrate beauty. Using techniques and knowledge passed from previous generations, today’s Indigenous artists are using beading to address concerns related to history, decolonization and resistance. Radical Stitch – the largest contemporary beadwork exhibition to date – presents a wealth of works ranging from wearable art and portraiture to installation and video that connect past and present as they imagine new worlds.

The accompanying catalogue celebrates the innovative art of 56 artists from across Turtle Island who have exhibited at most or all of the venues for this touring exhibition. In full, vivid colour, this publication presents 30 figures and 82 plates of their selected artworks, which reflect a range of humour, poignant testimony, and political and social commentary.

Radical Stitch Itinerary:

MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina: 30 April – 25 September 2022
Art Gallery of Hamilton: 11 February – 27 August 2023
Thunder Bay Art Gallery: 13 October 2023 – 3 March 2024
National Gallery of Canada: 17 May – 30 September 2024
Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton: 30 November 2024 – 2 March 2025
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Indianapolis: 12 April – 3 August 2025

Featured in the catalogue: Barry Ace, Eva Talooki Aliktiluk, Carrie Allison, Marcus Amerman, Judy Anderson, Kristen Auger, Kaylyn Baker, Christi Belcourt, Michael Belmore, Catherine Blackburn, Katherine Boyer, Jackie Larson Bread, Marcia Chickeness, Hannah Claus, Dana Claxton, Jon Michael Robert Corbett, Ruth Cuthand, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Marcy Friesen, Teri Greeves, Joyce Growing Thunder, Justine Gustafson, Donald & Carla Hemlock, Maria Hupfield, Lizzie Ittinuar, Bev Koski, Casey Koyczan, Jennine Krauchi, Martha Kyak, Mindy Lauren Magyar, Amy Malbeuf, Jean Marshall, Audie Murray, Nadia Myre, Margaret Nazon, Candace Neumann, Niap, Shelley Niro, Elias Not Afraid, Jamie Okuma, Sandra Okuma, Taqralik Partridge, Jobena Petonoquot, Memory Rose Poni-Cappo, Alesia Poncho & Farlan Quetawki, Skawennati, Samuel Thomas, Marie Watt, Olivia Whetung, Dyani White Hawk, Kenneth Williams Jr., Nico Williams, Will Wilson, Summer Yahbay

Printed in Canada
20.32 x 26.67 cm (8 x 10.5 in.)
Publication date: 2024

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