13 Coyotes: Edward Poitras

21 January 2012 – 22 April 2012

The coyote has been a re-occuring character in Edward Poitras’ work for some time. In this solo exhibition, the coyote is back, but he's not alone. Individual coyotes and coyotes in transformation spring to life from bones and other materials. Their mutating forms mimic the endless transformation that we ourselves experience as we pass through various planes of existence. 

A member of the George Gordon First Nation, Edward Poitras’ multi-dimensional artistic practice explores imaginative territories that extend beyond the borders of identity and location to consider the self in global terms. 

The works included in the exhibition are the result of many years of extensive research and contemplation of themes, issues, and concepts that, in some cases, have spanned decades within his oeuvre. They represent an ongoing reworking of imagery and meanings that address a wide range of themes and issues which have evolved and proliferated throughout Poitras’ life on Turtle Island.

In Poitras’ work, we are witnesses to the artist’s reconsiderations of our shared histories and entangled narratives. His work gives form to the continuous change that is our common reality. The works in 13 Coyotes are filled with historical references and Poitras welcomes the entanglement of narratives and troubles “documented” histories as he questions what is fabricated, what is excluded, and what is factual.

Continuing with an exploration of history, symbols, and coyote humour, viewers are challenged to draw their own connections in order to interpret what is before them, and to ask questions about our complex reality and shared history.

Curated by: Michelle LaVallee, Assistant Curator, MacKenzie Art Gallery

Watch this video collection of quotes and stories from Edward Poitras  about what inspired some his works in 13 Coyotes.