BFA Graduating Exhibition

15 March 2008 – 13 April 2008

BFA Graduating Exhibition 2008

BFA Graduating Exhibition 2008

A partnership between the MacKenzie Art Gallery and the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Regina. 

We titled our exhibition shift because we find ourselves at a point in our lives where we have to choose a different road; make a decision. Our worlds are going to shift. For some of us, we will go on to Grad school; for others we will get a regular job and pay off student loans. Each in their way will keep an art practice going, whether it is public or private. We will shift from student to other and find our niche. 

The title also signifies a shift in the artist’s and the viewer’s perception. We take information and transform it into new ways of seeing things, altering a previous concept. And each work represents a shift between different artistic realities. One artist’s information can be so utterly different from the next, but somewhere there is an underlying identification, only apprehension is adjusted. shift reflects the exchange continually going on in art, and how art is in a constant state of fluctuation. Further still, shift can be about other ways of seeing everything and that there is always a different perspective. For us, art is as dimensional as human comprehension and shift represents our way of trying to capture that idea. It is about the evolution of ideas and thoughts. Each work represents an artist’s focus of ideas up to this point, marking a moment in a thought process. It is one more step towards something other. We are beginning to find our own place and voice in a larger arena. This exhibition and the works in it are our shift towards that interchange of identity. 

Participating Artists: 
Jill Armstrong (Printmaking) 
Nathan Binns (Printmaking) 
Keith Bird (Sculpture) 
Adrian Bobb (Drawing) 
Sharon Engbrecht (Painting) 
Dee Funk (Ceramics) 
Jonah McFadzean (Drawing) 
Kristen Smith (Intermedia) 
Evan Tyler (Intermedia)