Starting with the Loom



This guided activity will consist of the following:

  1. Set a dowel on your stand. This dowel will be both a part of the final artwork, and act as your loom. It will help you keep threads tight, see your work in progress, and hold your project as you work. 
  2. Pick out some fibre materials that you think will look good together. Think about complimenting and contrasting colours, textures, and weights. 
  3. Read the instructions on tassel making, crochet, and macramé. The gallery facilitators can help you try out each of these techniques. 
  4. Use the fibre materials you picked out and the techniques you learned to create a wall hanging on your dowel. You can combine techniques in any way you like, or come up with your own technique for interlacing fabric. 
  5. Twist the of a wire onto both ends of your dowel. This wire will help you hang your artwork, and will stop the fibres from falling off. 

Important Words 

Loom: a tool or machine used for weaving. A loom helps hold threads tight. 

Dowel: a straight wooden stick 

Tassels: a group of materials tied together at one end, used for decoration. 

Crochet: looping fabric with a single hook to tie knots into a pattern. 

Macramé: knotting and braiding cord or string to make artistic decorations. There are many different types of knots in macramé. 

Braiding: folding sections over top of each other to make a structure.