Macramé Bracelets


Studio Activity

Supplies that will be provided

  • Macramé cord
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • (optional) Beads


  1. Pick one or two colours of macramé cord. Think about the meaning those colours hold to you. Do they tell a story? Do they represent a thing, person, place, or feeling? 
  2. (Optional) Select some beads to add to your bracelet. Make sure the beads are big enough for two strands of macramé cord to go through them. Like when you chose your cords, think about why you are choosing each bead. What meaning do they add to your artwork? 
  3. Cut two long pieces of cord (either one of each colour, or two of the same colour). They should be around a meter long. 
  4. Hold both cords and fold them in half. 
  5. Tie an overhand knot at the folded end of the cords. This will make a loop at the end to help you tie your bracelet. 

  1. Tape the loop you just made down to a table. This will let you pull your cords tight. 
  2. Use square knots and spiral knots to weave your bracelet. 

Square Knot: 

  1. Take the left cord, go over the two middle cords and under the right cord. Do this loosely for now. 
  2. Take the right cord, go under the two middle cords. Come back up through the space between the left cord and the middle cords.  
  3. Tighten the knot to the top; this makes half of a square knot.  
  4. Now take the right cord and go over the two middle cords and under the left cord. Take the left cord, go under the two middle cords. Come back up through the space between the right cord and the middle cords.  
  5. Tighten this knot to the top again. This finishes the full square knot.  
  6. Repeat as many times as you want. 

Spiral knot: 

Follow steps a-c for making a square knot. Instead of switching sides, just continue to make half square knots on the same side by repeating these three steps. This will create a spiral. 

  1. You can create interesting patterns in your bracelet by: 
    • Adding beads on the middle two strands, then tieing your next knot to secure them.  
    • Switching between square knots and spiral knots 
    • Switching which strands are in the middle, and which are on the outside to change the colours of your bracelet. This will also make a lacey pattern if you leave some space before tying your next knot. 
  2. When your bracelet is long enough, tie another overhand knot to finish it. Remove the tape from the top of your bracelet. 
  3. Trim the ends of the cords. Leave them long enough to be used to tie your bracelet on. 

Important Words 

functional art: artworks that are used and interacted with, rather than just looked at. Some groups of people, such as many Indigenous groups, believe artwork is meant to be used and interacted with. 

macramé: knotting and braiding cord or string to make artistic decorations. There are many different types of knots in macrame.