Bazaart 2023


Bazaart 2023 Vendors


Buckle up Bags

Buckle up Bags are unique bags and purses that use seatbelt as their medium. These bags are stylish and durable—A wonderful way to upcycle.

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Dressed By Les

Dressed By Les draws inspiration from vintage designs, pop culture and fandoms to create hand sewn goods that will bring a smile to your face. The combination of fun, bright prints and quality construction create truly useful products that you will love to use time and again. Customer favourites include reusable makeup pads, coin pouches, wet bags, and the best bib ever, the Bapron.

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Onyx + Ora

Onyx + Ora was founded on the vision to merge great style with sustainability. We love fashion but don’t love the damage the fast fashion industry does to people, animals, and the planet. We slow things down at Onyx + Ora and focus on items that are sustainably sourced, made in good working conditions, and are long lasting.

All of our products are made with Desserto cactus leather, the world’s first highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made of nopal cactus. Everything is designed and handmade in Regina.

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Handmade organic home products, wood wick candles, sprays, diffusers, all made with essential oils. All products used to make our line are organic and sourced within Saskatchewan.


Bub & Boo Soap

We create beautiful soaps and body products using ethically sourced, vegan ingredients. We are sulfate, surfactant and alcohol free, using food grade oils that are sustainably farmed. The fragrance and essential oils we use are carefully curated to make our collection exceptional.


Sharp Owl Soap Shoppe

I made my first batch of cold process soap over five years ago, at the time, I never meant to make more than one batch, that is well over 350 batches ago, I fell in love with the challenge of making a moisturizing, fragrant, sudsy, long lasting bar of soap. After that it was the techniques, designs, textures, colors, fragrances, tools and ingredients needed to shape, formulate and bring those designs together to make functional artistic bars of soap—soap that enhances a repetitive, everyday necessity like washing, into an experience that stimulates the senses, moisturizes and protects. Enjoy!

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Sommer Love Herbs

Sommer Love Herbs is a small herb company in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. They grow a variety of different herbs and make a multitude of natural herbal products, including lotions, salves, salts, and remedies.

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Conjure Apothecary

Handcrafted intention candles, ritual oils & enchanted self-care products.

The Magic:
It begins when the candles are being poured by Andy. He uses music to get in the right frame of mind and pour your candles with his peaceful energy. When Erin decorates each one by hand, she begins by collecting the herbs and stones to be used and performing a smoke cleansing ritual. When she decorates each candle, she meditates on the intention behind each one (protection, love, inner peace etc.). Before sending our products out the door, we always do a quality check and a final intention ritual that the intended owners of the product will find what they are seeking from their items.

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I offer an array of candles in stunning vessels, tea lights + travel tins, as well as reed diffusers, matches, wick trimmers and handmade car air fresheners with my signature fine fragrances.

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Luna Mother Candle House

I pour scented soy wax into vessels that I handmake with gypsum plaster, oxide pigments and earth friendly sealant. Each of my vessels are unique, non toxic, safety tested and biodegradable. I also make small decorative items to complement the candles such as trays and scent holders. As a relatively new artisan, I would be thrilled to be included in this year’s Bazaart lineup!

Aiden Amina

We are a local, Regina-based small business creating handcrafted pottery and ceramics.
We believe that there is something so inspiring using such humble materials and shaping them into something new, functional, and creative; mud transformed into mugs, cups, and pots. Pottery lets us use art in our everyday life and I think that’s beautiful!

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Anne Mclellan Pottery

I make functional and sculptural pottery with whimsical designs inspired by the natural world. My pieces are made with low fire and medium fire clays using wheel thrown and hand building techniques. I use a variety of overglaze and underglaze techniques to create layers and pattern to give each piece a unique quality.

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Art Affection Pottery

People often comment about my work being unique and different from other ceramic artists. In
addition to regular electric firings, I use a range of alternative firing methods including wood firing, saggar firing, horsehair, naked raku and obvara. Although many of the alternative firing methods typically lead to random patterns of earthy tones or black and white, I enjoy experimenting, incorporating color and controlled patterns are often visible in my work.
I use a variety of clays but mostly stoneware and porcelain. Colored porcelain has quickly become one of my favorites as it allows me to create colorful pieces, often using the Japanese techniques Nerikomi and Neriage. Recently I was in Italy to learn more ways to make with colored porcelain. I look forward to showcasing works created with an Italian influence in 2023.
You can find my work at the MacKenzie Art Gallery Shop, Traditions Hand Craft Gallery and the Saskatchewan Craft Council Boutique in Saskatoon.

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Art frees my spirit and transports me to another space. Drawn to the strange and mysterious, I create unique paintings using texture, acrylics, and other various mediums to create characters and places from deep within my imagination. I also hand build a variety of whimsical pottery both decorative and functional, using vibrant colors, patterns, and themes. I have loved art and all things creative for as long as I can remember. Art was born into my blood, passed down from the generations of creative women in my family before me. I create from a place of imagination and emotion and hope that the joy I get in making art also brings enjoyment to those who see it.

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Deb Vereschagin Pottery

My work is wheel thrown and hand built pottery and my decoration of choice is usually hand carved designs. I also use wax resist, textured glazes and layered glazes to finish some pots. I primarily produce functional kitchenware such as mugs, bowls (I have started to carve the bottoms of mugs and bowls as well as the sides), plates, platters, tea pots, cream and sugar sets, cruet sets, vases, garlic pots, salt pots, honey pots, open bakers, etc.. I also make outdoor garden pieces: bird baths, bird houses, bird feeders, garden stakes, and fairy houses. This year I will be working on e new outdoor pieces: wind chimes, animal fence hangers and wall art.

Funktional Pottery & Gallery

Dee Funk makes functional and sculptural pots. In her gallery in Buena Vista she also represents several Saskatchewan based artists, including The Village Potter. This booth also features the woodwork of Last Mountain Timber.

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Glazed Over Pottery

Glazed Over Pottery is a collection of my functional and non functional ceramic work that is inspired by my love for the land, nature, growth & decay. While creating on the wheel or by hand building, I find myself relating to the season we are currently in, the weather that day and so forth. These feelings carry over to my painting of the pieces I have made. I love to try to create a feeling of depth using under glazes and glazes for food safe pieces and sometimes acrylic paint for wall hanging work. Either way, my passion is in the creating, the process.

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Meg Does Pottery

All functional and decorative wares are made by hand in Meg’s home studio in Winnipeg mb. She specializes in wheel thrown, hand built, slab and sculpture. Her works have been featured in stores and galleries across Canada.

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Pepo Ceramics

Simple, modern functional pottery. Made for everyday use and enjoyment.

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Rob Froese Ceramic Art

I make ceramic tableware and sculpture using specialty soda and salt kilns as well as ceramic wall works fired in low temp electric kilns. My work is represented across Canada with Slate Fine Art Gallery, Regina, The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo, ON and Jonathon Bancroft Snell Gallery, London, ON, and in galleries in Japan where I operated my own ceramic studio for many years.

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Terri Ekvall Ceramics

I make unique pieces of ceramics that bring joy and are a pleasure to use. I draw inspiration from some
of my favorite stories and nature. The hand drawn and painted images of mushrooms and caterpillars
smoking hookahs were inspired by Alice in Wonderland. While images of plant life and insects are
inspired by the garden.

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Wild Bisque Pottery

I make asymmetrical functional art. I am a hobby potter with a home based studio by Craven SK. I make Mugs and bowls and pride myself on beautiful glaze combinations.


Sabine Wecker

I am a ceramicist. I mainly work with stoneware (wheel thrown and slab build) that I high fire in atmospheric kilns like gas, soda or wood. I developed a series of garden objects: eg. little birds or fish sitting on a branch on top of an iron stick, bird baths, floating rocks for out-or indoor water features, and urban hens. My pieces reveal my skill based craft education (5 years in Germany). They are winter hard and elevate every outdoor space. Gardens / backyards and ceramics complement each other beautifully.
After a twenty-year break, I dove back into clay at the University of Regina completing a BFA in Fine Arts/ Visual Arts in 2021. In the fall of 2021, I started my MFA program with a focus on ceramics under the supervision of Ruth Chambers at the University of Regina with an SSHRC-Canadian Graduate
Scholarship. I am also a juried Saskatchewan Craft Council member.


Shaun's Pottery & Pottery by Marlene

Functional pottery for the home. Influences of the angular, geometric nature of the work inspire his individual wares that are on one hand designed and reproducible and on the other hand, possess a simple character that is uniquely their own.

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Amaranth Designs

We bring classic, timeless and comfortable clothing to every woman’s busy life.
We make getting dressed the easiest part of your day.
With excellent fit, function, and comfort, every woman starts their day feeling their VERY best!


Central Standard

Central Standard focuses on small batch clothing, accessories, and home goods. Consciously designed basics for everyday life, using natural fibres ethically produced in Canada. Founded in 2019, the line is designed and handmade in Regina, Saskatchewan, on Treaty 4 Land.

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Dragonfly designes

Unique clothing made from materials such as cotton, hemp, and bamboo! We offer everything from shirts to dresses to pants.


Handmade modern style kids clothing. All items are handmade by myself, using a bamboo material, making them soft, stretchy, and comfortable for any age!

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FLAT clothing

The prairies don’t always get the love it deserves. At FLAT Clothing, we believe the prairie life is an incredible life! This is why we aim to make high quality products that you can wear with pride!

Makers of Saskatchewan’s official bunnyhug!

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Kathleen O’Grady creates classic looks for women with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship,
devoting great care and attention to each part of the design process. Combining old-world sensibilities with contemporary design, she creates garments that have timeless and enduring appeal. Her work with natural dyes, including a line of naturally dyed scarves, explores an infinite palette of colour, as she creates and discovers nuance and variation with each encounter of the dye vat. Kathleen’s extensive travels in Southeast Asia, Japan, India, and Africa have given her an appreciation of textile traditions from around the world.

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Lark & Lily Handmade

Lark & Lily Handmade offers high quality clothing and accessories for people of all ages with a strong focus on sustainability, functionality, style, and comfort. Handmade in Balgonie, SK.

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Rebecca King Fashion House

Fashionable and functional—This is my design objective. I create my clothing out of structured yet comfortable materials to help you to look great while feeling comfortable to able to complete the tasks at hand. I integrate both causal and dressy design elements to help the garment suit your every need. Made in Canada, design, pattern development and samples are made by myself (Rebecca) in Saskatoon, SK. I then work with a small team in either Saskatoon or Vancouver, Canada to create the final product.

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Sova Millinery & Apparel

Handmade hats for both men and women made in Saskatchewan. 100% linen clothing designed and produced in Saskatoon—described as one size fits most (ladies 8-18).

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Homemade childrens clothing size 0-6. I use fabric bought in Canada.
Beautiful colours and designs with love in every stitch.


High Horse Studio

High Horse is an innovative fashion studio based out of Tiohtià:ke/Montréal.
We proudly offer handmade sustainable garments that celebrate design integrity and craftsmanship. The garments are made one of a kind out of second hand materials. Our choice of materials honour the planet and the detail and design of each garment is a nod to heirloom fashion instead of the disposability and trend focused fashions of today.

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Halliegator Handmade

Halliegator Handmade provides comfortable, lasting, custom apparel for little ones. Fabrics are
purchased from Canadian companies and handmade into quality clothing. Designs are chosen with function and comfort in mind for babies, toddlers, and young children.

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Galashina Clothing

I design and sew fun, practical clothing (having usable pockets), suitable for the office, around town, or on the road. All garments are carefully constructed of high-quality fabrics, chosen based on their intended use. Most of my customers are adults who identify as women.



Handmade decor dolls made using locally purchased fabrics that include cotton, broadcloth, and muslin. Each doll comes with its own custom sewn outfit, and themes include bedtime dolls, princesses, and prairie girls, along with animal dolls (e.g. cows, pigs, and bunnies). Dolls are approximately 40cm in height, and each is a unique, one-of-a kind creation.

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Cog Yarns

I hand-dye yarn and sell it as single skeins, sock kits, and mini skeins, both individually and in 5-packs.

There will be different yarn bases (ie. fiber content) available for customers to choose from, including: merino wool, blue-faced leicester, nylon, cashmere, and silk. Colourways range from tonal pastels and deeply saturated, to variegated rainbow, and everything in between.
All yarn is acquired through mills that are ethical in their treatment of animals.

I will also be bringing a variety of hand-woven shawls that I’ve made with my hand-dyed yarn and wove on my loom.


Colour Me Cushions

Colour Me Cushions are re-usable colouring pillows that can be coloured, washed, and coloured again, over and over. They’re perfect for in the car, on a plane, on a bed, or on the couch, and let your little artist create an amazing masterpiece. The back of the pillow is always a soft flannel, great for napping after a hard colouring session.


Judith weaves one of a kind usable textiles, mainly scarves, baby blankets, throws and tea towels, on her floor loom. She uses natural, sustainable fibres, including linen, alpaca, silk, wool, Tencel and cotton as well as more exotic fibres such as yak, angora, mohair, possum, bison and qiviut. Judith gravitates toward monochromatic colours, allowing the patterns and textures to provide interest.

Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers Regina

Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers Regina is a group of approximately 50 women in the Regina area who fundraise to support the work of the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s partners in sub-Saharan Africa. All proceeds from our member handcrafted items assist grandmothers in sub-Saharan Africa in their ongoing efforts to raise their AIDS orphaned grandchildren and to fight against the continuing effects of HIV/AIDS in their communities. Our fabric-based products – tote bags, baskets, bowl cozies, and cushion covers – sometimes incorporate traditional South African ShweShwe fabric.

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Me & You Handmades

Me & You Handmades is a small local family run business located in the heart of the prairies. Focusing on designing and creating accessories and handmade items, each piece is made with high quality materials that are sourced locally or Canada wide. All items are handmade and designed locally in Regina, SK., by a mother daughter duo. Everything from scrunchies to headbands to box bags and more, there is something for everyone on your list.

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Prairie Wool & Fibre Designs

Prairie Wool & Fibre Designs up-cycles and repurposes wool clothing to create unique, practical, personal, and household items. Repurposed Wool Sweater Mittens are everyone’s favourites. Crossbody Cellphone bags are also popular and are made from up-cycled wool skirts, kilts and suits. The vintage plaids are my favourite. Hot pads are made from felted wool coats, blankets and other thrifted wool clothing. My products express my passion for sewing and creating unique items of excellent quality. All products are designed and sewn by me in my home studio. Each item is made with careful attention and quality workmanship.

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Sew&Tell Handmade

Sew&Tell’s brand consists of handcrafted sewn and quilted goods, including a wide range of women’s bags and purses, kitchen and home decor, and travel accessories. Bright and colourful fabrics often with a boho-vibe, are the focal point of many of the pieces we create, while also bringing a modern edge to traditionally quilted goods. With each item proudly created for Sew&Tell, only the highest quality of fabrics and materials are used, and are sourced locally whenever possible. Each item is made from start-to-finish by Sarah, and sewn together with the utmost care and attention.

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South40 Designs

Allison is a fibre/textile artist in Bradwell, SK. She repurposes fabric, then hand dyes, threadpaints, and appliqués her original designs into one-of-a-kind wall hangings and magnets. South40 Designs can be seen around the world at #StuckonSaskatchewan

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Stumpz & Stringz

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Stumpz & Stringz creates unique pieces of macrame art, plant hangers and floating shelves. Wood taken from reclaimed Fir Tree stumps are used to create beautiful, home propagated succulent planters. All pieces are made using a combination of 100% cotton cord, reclaimed pallet wood and Birch wood branches.


Too Cute Doodles & More

Over-the-collar dog bandanas, cinch bags (3 sizes), crocheting items (amigurumis), scrunchies, pencil cases/zippered pouches.

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Two Friends and a Daughter Handmade

Two Friends and a Daughter Handmade is all about bringing a little whimsy and cozy into the everyday with our handmade creations for little ones, home and you. Every piece we make must measure up on our cuteness meter to deliver products you won’t find commercially. We carefully source our materials with a focus on local and Canadian to support our communities.
You’ll find everything from handcrafted holiday décor items and great small gifts like the hand-embellished or knit cup cozies, reuseable water balloons and eco-friendly cotton loofahs, facecloths & make-up wipes to the coolest things for your little people: stuffed animals and rattles (hippos, elephants, unicorns and more—selection varies). And we do like cozy so there are always some mittens, ear warmers, shawls and baby booties!

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Woven by Vivian

I weave with natural fibers in a home studio creating scarves, shawls, and wraps, to wear, and domestic items for the home. This includes wraps, blankets, baby blankets, small rugs, table runners, table mats, and towels. My loom is an eight harness Leclerc Colonial 1 floor loom. In my weavings I use natural fibers; cotton, linen, silk, wool, alpaca, bamboo rayon, and Tencel. I love the interplay of color, structure, and pattern intrinsic to handweaving and am constantly amazed by the differences possible with small modifications in fiber, structure, set, and treadling.

Bevels & Blooms Glass Art

I am a glass artist. I make functional and decorative fused glass pieces such as dishes, bowls, framed art pictures and garden art. I also create stained glass suncatchers and panels.

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csCreatives Studio

The products that we sell are hand-painted one of a kind designed floral vases, hand-painted meditation candle holders, and hand-painted bottle lights. We are the only type of studio in Saskatchewan focused on artistic painting on glass using various techniques, mixed media, and acrylic paint. Our products are finished with an acrylic gloss and sealer and are painted by Credell Simeon. Each item tells a unique story from the artist’s perspective about our landscape, culture and history.

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Don Pell/ Wingnut Enterprizes

Unique blown glass and iron sculptures and decor items for home and garden. Blown glass items to enhance your everyday living. I have 50 years experience of making some of the most unique pieces that you will find. Help me celebrate 50 years being an artist.


Fractured Glass Studio

Elisabeth and Robert Miller are fused glass artists that work together to create one of a kind fine and functional glass art. They draw their inspiration from the prairie landscapes and the urban environment. They like to combine glass with wood and metal to enhance all the materials in the project.

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GlassHouse Designs

I create stained glass pictures for patios and windows. We also design sun catchers, lanterns and flattened bottles.


Kattail Acres

I love designing beautiful and unique mosaic pieces using ceramic tile, glass, beads or broken china. I create everything from functional pieces such as mirrors and trays to art pieces like my garden posts. I want to inspire others to learn to learn the art of mosaics, so I have created “Take and Make” kits with everything you need to create a small mosaic!

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Sisters Stones and Glass

I create original images from stained glass that is hand cut, layered, fused together in a kiln, detailed with enamel paint and then framed.

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A Canvas for the Cosmos

I hand paint wildlife on jewelry pieces made from glass and stone. I also hand paint home decor items on used saw blades, metal, wood, and stone.

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Alie & Elsie Jewelry

We use all sterling silver and 14kt gold filled findings to create, design and assemble all of our jewelry. We use all genuine gemstones and Swarovski crystals for the best quality jewelry.

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Handmade beaded jewelry.

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Debbie Lee Jewellery Designs

I hand make and design sterling silver and 14K Gold Filled Jewellery. In designing rings, I use natural gemstones and cubic zirconias making my own bezel settings to fit the stones. I also design necklaces (long and short), bracelets and earrings, both in sterling silver and 14k gold filled. I mixed my metals to create unique, modern, one of a kind, casual, but elegant everyday wear jewellery! I have over 200 rings that I have designed. I have my Levels I and II in metalsmithing and jewellery designing has become my full-time passion!

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DORÉ by Lisa Adele

Doré by Lisa Adele is handcrafted unique jewellery made in Canada. Using the lost wax process, her pieces are sculpted in wax and then cast in metal. Inspired by intricate patterns in nature, flourishes of vintage surrealism and high quality craftsmanship, culminates in jewellery that is truly distinctive and one of a kind. She works with high quality gemstones, bronze, silver, gold vermeil and solid gold.

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Ell & Kay Clay Designs

Ell & Kay is a local, small batch clay jeweller and accessory maker. We offer styles from everyday classics to elegant evenings. Each piece is meticulously handmade from various mediums including clay, paints, wood and mixed metals.

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Firefly Art Jewellery

I make wearable art jewellery of polymer clay and silver. It is bold and expressive and hard to ignore! It’s big and chunky, yet surprisingly lightweight to wear. I enjoy blurring the lines between modern art and nature, and my pieces range from soft organic forms and colours to blunt geometric shapes and bright hues.
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FourSquared Designs

We make small-batch jewelry, often one-of-a-kind pieces. We use the softest shirts. We make things we love. We use sustainable cork from Portugal. We use sterling silver. We use beads from around the world.
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Free Your Sun

I am a wire wrap artist. My products include pendants and rings. I use high quality crystals, minerals etc. in projects.


Hawk + Aspen Handmade

Consciously crafted, small batch adornments. Made to last a lifetime, Hawk + Aspen jewellery is fabricated from recycled sterling silver, semi-precious stones with a strong focus on vitreous enamel and keum-boo. H + A takes inspiration from natural elements, mid century design and contemporary trends. Pieces are crafted by hand from scratch using traditional metal smithing techniques in artist Kimberly Sakundiak’s solar powered home studio in Lumsden SK.
(member of Saskatchewan Craft Council & the Jewellery Artists Guild of Regina)
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JAM + CO Jewelry

JAM + Co Jewelry- small woman run business located in Regina, Sk. Creating quality delicate jewelry with beautiful gemstones from my home studio.

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Jewellery Artists Guild of Regina

The Jewellery Artists Guild of Regina (JAGRegina) is a collaboration of local jewellery designers and artisans ranging from part-time enthusiasts to dedicated full-time professionals. Incorporated in 2017 as a non-profit organization, its goals include continuous learning, networking, developing, encouraging and promoting the work of its members, as well as the value and uniqueness of handcrafted jewellery, to the public. It is expected that 5 to 10 of our members will participate with various jewellery pieces including techniques using sterling silver, copper, titanium, niobium, enamel, lampwork and blown art glass, recycled silver and copper, alcohol ink, fusing, Indigenous beading, anodizing and others.

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JLK Designs

Unique hand made jewelry that is simple and delicate yet timeless. Can be worn for a casual day running errands and can easily then transition for an evening out.

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Maria Hendrika Art Jewellery

Regina based metalsmith, Maria Hendrika, creates one of a kind and small collections of fine jewellery. She works primarily with sterling silver, vitreous enamel and precious stones, often combining mediums to produce intricate pieces resembling miniature art works. Her designs are embraced by customers who wish to express their individuality with imaginative and timeless jewellery.
Maria is a juried member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council, member of the Canadian Crafts Federation and a founding member of the Jewellery Artists Guild of Regina.
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My True Luminosity

My jewelry tells a story & I get a thrill out of sharing those stories. Each piece is one of a kind, sustainable, made from vintage, antique elements and new materials. I love giving old treasures new life. Their history, uniqueness, that’s more important to me than a name brand or label.
“Light or luminosity is created by the way elements are juxtaposed. They become reflective and a radiance comes from putting different things together.”
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Quicksilver Halo

Quicksilver Halo creates jewellery that connects to your soul; symbolic designs inspired by nature and history, for both Women and Men. Intricate drawings are etched into metal sheet or colourful dichroic glass. Sterling, copper, and brass earrings are imprinted with texture using traditional metalsmithing techniques; forging, rollerprinting, and stamping. Gemstones and glass accents add colour. Rings are shaped in wax and cast in silver, or forged and soldered from sterling sheet and wire. I practice eco-friendly methods; salt water electro-etching, upcycling and recycling materials. All charms are handcrafted in my studio from raw materials, then made into earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets.

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Quirks & Twists Jewelry

I am a Saskatoon artist who creates one-of-a-kind jewelry by repurposing vintage pieces into new, unique designs and have been designing and creating jewelry since 2003. Over time my materials and designs have changed, emerging into a line of repurposed vintage assemblage jewelry (because I was given a bag of old costume jewelry that I didn’t want to go to waste), which I have been producing for over 12 years. My pieces are comprised of vintage jewelry mixed with new material. Usually I use one or two vintage pieces as the focal point of a design and add smaller vintage items and new pieces. Its using a piece with a history and making it new again while telling a story!

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Shannon R Welch Jewellery

Shannon Welch creates one-of-a-kind-pieces of jewellery in sterling silver and gold. Her work in influenced by the land and a desire to continue growing and evolving in her craft.

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Studio by JLK - Permanent Jewelry

Sterling, 14kt Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled linked chain that is custom fit to the customer as a bracelet, necklace or anklet, then welded on for a permanent effect without a clasp. Its the modern day friendship experience, a bonding experience between friends, sisters, couples, moms and daughters and brides and the attendants.

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The Flowered Raven

The Flowered Raven is a brand that focuses on beaded-wearable artworks. These pieces feature a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques and materials. While primarily featuring earrings, each accessory is hand-crafted and classifies as a statement. Inspiration for the beadwork involves the artisan’s (Parker Bourque’s) Gwich’in and Métis heritage as well as elements of nature.

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BAMBU Jewelry

Saskatchewan designer Nicolle Hoffman. Jewelry designed to inspire. Empowering women in poverty. Handmade & ethically curated.


Isla Rae Jewelry

I create effortless, everyday gold jewelry made with the intention of inspiring everyone I connect with. I specialize in body jewelry and size inclusive jewelry, so every individual can feel confident wearing my waist chains, bralettes, adjustable rings, bracelets and necklaces! I have also designed a very symbolic mental health necklace and a potion of all my sales go towards mental health initiatives.

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Adrian was originally born in Holland in the leather-making village of Kaatsheuvel. In 1994, he decided to move to Western Canada with his family where he took up his leather-craft trade at his farm in Bearberry.


Oak and Umber Artisan Studio

Oak and Umber Artisan Studio specializes in high quality, hand crafted leather goods. All products are made from ethically sourced, full grain, vegetable tanned leather. Designs and artistic flare are all inspired by the leather itself, to best showcase the natural beauty of the material, create functionality and utilize the longevity leather provides.

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R&R Leather

R&R Leather provides durable and elegant accessories to your everyday adventures. Every piece is handmade with quality in mind to last you a lifetime. We use real full-grain leathers allowing each item to patina beautifully with age. Each bag, wallet, purse, or belt is hand constructed from beginning to end providing the highest of quality.

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FSR Leather Art and Cards

We create original leather designs and hand make all of our items, as well as turn old book plate images into fine art cards.


BarnCat Designs

I create wonder metal figures that depict all walks of life and occupations. Great garden and yard art to add colour and interest to your yard. Add a piece of one of a kind hand made sculpture to your home or office.

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Forge Creations

Dan Casey’s forge work continues to evolve with a new show and more creative sculptures. Not one to stand still he combines the traditional with the new age producing one of a kind small to large scale compositions.


G. McB. Smith

I am a blacksmith/welder. I build “yard art” using recycled metal and other material.

Daisies & Dandelions

Numerous liquid glass art decor, rock art mainly ladybugs and bees on real rocks of all sizes. Mixed media sculptures like the balloon dogs and lollipops, all handmade in my home.

Fluid Art by Sandy

I am a fluid art artist. I use acrylic paints and pour over many items such as concrete and ceramic objects. They can be displayed inside and outside as decorative accents. I also do earrings and magnets from the paint skins. I also do coasters. Each coaster is unique and comes in a set of 4. I have outdoor table also.


Justine Marie Studios

Local talent. Global ambitions.
Justine M. Schlosser is a Regina-born artist and interior designer whose work has been featured in homes and businesses across North America. She is known for her serene, nature inspired palettes, her use of iridescent and metallic paints, and for creating beautiful, inspiring spaces with layers of detail.
Original artwork, art consultations for commissioned pieces and murals as well as sign ups for workshops will be provided along with reproductions and the product line that is all based on Justine’s originals. The product line will include lifestyle, apparel, accessories, home decor.
Justine Marie will happily sign pieces, discuss her process, sources of inspiration and answer questions to those who attend her booth.
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Lee Helane Auten Fine Art

I started painting in 2018 using acrylics and other mixed media and I have never looked back. Most of my painting are three dimensional flowers and often leave the bounds of the canvas – I love painting outside the lines! The shadows dance off the white flowers as the light changes and every flower is unique and takes shape with each stroke of the brush.
I began painting in white because I couldn’t see myself painting in any other colour. The psychological meaning of the colour white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. White is the colour of new beginnings, of wiping the slate clean…it is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon…you can’t hide behind it as it amplifies everything in its way. White offers a sense of peace and calm, comfort and hope. I started painting in colour at the start of 2020 during the pandemic. Colour finally sang to me and I could see myself in these flowers, too!

Marla Childs Artwork

My work consists largely of nature-themed drawings and paintings in a variety of media, but primarily ink and watercolour. I am inspired by the interconnectedness of nature, the beauty of life and decay, and the ephemera of daily life. I combine imagery from plants, animals, fungi, and geology, as well as man-made objects to capture moments of both real and imagined connections in the world around me.

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Maureen Bachmann Art

I create uniquely upcycled assemblage art using second-hand items which I source from thrift stores, garage sales, and donations from friends and family. My goal is to surprise and delight the viewer by presenting the mundane masquerading as the extraordinary. I hope people come away from the experience with a newfound appreciation for those items that live in the space between, “I don’t know what to do with this,” and “it’s too good to throw away.”

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Mushbeast Illustration

Mushbeast Illustration creates handmade paintings, drawings, and digital art into prints, stickers, and shirts. I focus on the natural world and incorporate the importance of endangered species and disappearance of biodiversity through my art. I try my best to be eco-friendly with my craft, using biodegradable materials and long lasting inks. I care about the planet and I want to the emotion that comes from being part of the natural world through my illustrations.

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Philia Bijoux Jewelry & Home

Philia Bijoux creations is inspired by colours, texture and flow found in nature, as well as a need to share functional beauty with others.
Jewelry pieces are designed and created using clay, semi precious gemstones, Japanese glass and hypoallergenic metals. Our line of home decor items includes hand poured concrete trays inlayed with resin, sculptures, flower pots, preserved moss and texture wall art, brass wall jewelry, mobiles and sun catchers.
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Sea Salt and Sand Creations

I am a local self taught artist using an oil medium as well as a resin woodwork line. What started out as a stress therapy hobby has turned into a passion.

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Susan Alvarez

Hand-painted throw pillows and hand-painted purses. Original design silver-soldered jewelry, hand-beaded jewelry and original contemporary acrylic-medium paintings.



Neon paintings with bold outlines and vintage mixed media pieces made from French Canadian magazines. My booth is bright, welcoming, warm and curated, and everything is handmade by yours truly here in Saskatchewan.


Country Angel Rustic Decor

Handmade rustic wood signs and garden planters, birdhouses and garden decor.

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Forest and Shore Co

Forest and Shore Co is an artist collective, featuring the work of three local artists. All of our designs are original, created individually or collaboratively. Our process is a fusion of traditional and modern mediums, from painting to graphic design. Our aesthetic is modern, chic design informed by exploration and contemporary artistry. We are a Regina based small business focused on connection, to each other, to nature and to ourselves. We design stationery including: greeting cards, postcards, stickers, bookmarks and notebooks. Our artists also create original fine art paintings and prints of the original works. Rounding out the range of lifestyle products we offer original photography prints focused on landscape, nature & travel.

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j wallace skeleton

I’m a printmaker who mostly makes lino cuts. I’m interested in place, how to we make connection to where we are, and in celebrating everyday heros.


Lin Tholl Photography

Lin Tholl is a local Saskatchewan photographer who enjoys capturing the heart and soul of what she sees through her camera lens. Lin creatively captures the essence of the elements; holding, for a brief moment in time, the interchange of light and form.
Saskatchewan’s amazing sky, wildlife both near and far, and the vast array of photographic
opportunities around the globe provide both delight and challenge for Lin’s quest to catch, and share, a perfect moment.

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SaskBooks is the non-profit creative industry association for book publishers in the province.
SaskBooks sells books on behalf of our members; our members publish fiction, non-fiction,
cookbooks, art books, poetry, children’s book, and more! Most of the books feature Saskatchewan topics and are authored/illustrated by people from Saskatchewan.

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Tangled Stories

Tangled Stories offers a wide variety of products containing digital artworks or paintings. Our main products are weatherproof stickers, which are perfect for personalizing items such as your vehicle, water bottles, and gadgets. We also offer greeting cards, keychains, bookmarks, tumblers, mouse pads, original artworks and more. A wide variety of our designs are inspired by our own life stories and interests, including Saskatchewan-inspired stickers, dinosaurs, flowers, and plants.

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Through Glass Images

Gail bends cutlery way cooler than it ever was. She makes jewellery and home decor from the upcycled cutlery. In addition, she does photography with an emphasis on rural and rustic scenes, especially during winter storms.

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Rosie The Flower Truck

Flower truck selling flowers and plants.


Artistic Designs by Cindy

I’m a Saskatchewan artist who uses acrylic paint & alcohol inks to paint on canvas, furniture, trays, wood, lp records and other upcycled items. I also paint on jewelry. I use resin to create coasters, animals, jewelry and other items with resin.


In my paintings I like to capture the silent poetry in Landscape. My work includes both urban and rural setup primarily in the prairies but also elsewhere in Canada.

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Cranky Goat Studio

I create Prairie inspired, one of a kind paintings on upcycled canvases. My style is loose and untamed, a bit like the prairie landscape we are surrounded by. I am inspired by colour, be it bold or subdued and I am most definitely inspired by flowers, which often appear on my paintings in the most unlikely places.

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Erin Zimmerman Art

Mixed media contemporary landscape paintings. The pieces showcase a style of light and shape that was created during a time of visual impairment over the span of three years.

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Laura Hamilton Art

Laura Hamilton’s art collection has been created for everyone, of every age. She believes that art isn’t just for fancy people. We are all worthy of beautiful and meaningful art.
Laura’s artwork is described as whimsical, sweet, and romantic. Her signature female characters are playful women with vintage dresses, striped stockings, fun floral patterns and everything in between.
Laura is a vintage lover, creator at heart and can be found enjoying the simple pleasures of life with her husband and two sons in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

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Lloyd Dubois

Acrylic on paper or canvas (framed and unframed)

Madhavi’s Art Gallery

I wouldn’t describe myself as a self-taught artist because nature is my teacher and has given me
inspirations to colour with my heart. Every aspect of nature that I incorporate into my artwork is touched by my soul because it speaks to me. I mainly use acrylics, alcohol, and occasionally oil colours.

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Miss Bees Knees Creations

Using watercolour as my primary medium I create brightly coloured pieces inspired by Saskatchewan and Nature. Many pieces feature coloured “windows” surrounded by black and white ink sketches or wood burning for contrast. These “windows” represent the beauty nature holds. I offer a range of products from stickers and prints to framed original paintings.


Patrick Markle

Canadian landscape artist Patrick Markle is inspired by experiences in the wilderness. His work
focuses on the rhythm of nature and capturing fleeting moments of beauty.

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Roland Daum, Artist

All original oil, acrylic and watercolour. Composed of Western Canadian landscapes. No prints or reproductions. Sizes ranging from 3″ x 5″ to 4′ x 6′.


magical hands

My work is all handmade. I do painting, bookmarks, crochet different items such as hot pad, handmade accessories.

Tina Waters Artist

Oil painting – canvas, board.

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Tony's Fluid Art Creations

I am a self taught paint pouring artist. I starting painting with acrylics just over a year ago, and really enjoy experimenting with different pouring techniques and learning from others. I paint mostly in the evenings after work, as it helps with my mental health and keeps me grounded.

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Visual Art by Alexandra

I am a Visual Artist from Regina who specializes in oil paintings. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art, with a minor in Classical Studies, and am currently finishing a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology. I incorporate aspects of art history as well as social and cultural influences in my work. I focus on the controversial topic of the nude, and aim to educate the viewer that nudity does not mean pornography, but instead has a rich history dating back to the beginning of art itself. By educating, creating, and promoting the nude in art I aim to rally my viewers (and subjects) into a heightened state of self-appreciation and respect for others. I also paint vintage teapots and teacups, as I am interested in the way light reflects off of the soft, rounded, iridescent surfaces. Lastly, I am currently working on a series of paintings that incorporate sculptures from art history, and rework them into fun- sometimes allegorical and ironic- works of pop-art-esque colour.

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D'licious Treats

D’licious Treats specializes in cookies but we also do so much more. Tarts, Brownies, Gourmet
Marshmallows & Cakes

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The Cookie Lady

Brightly iced cookies

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Ash River Studio

Ash River Studio specializes in wood and acrylic home decor and accessories (keychains, wristlets, earrings and engraved watch bands). Newly added, is our popular engraved tumblers. Our main focus is to create fun and unique items.

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Blind Dog Wood Works

We are a home based company that makes jewelry, bow ties, rolling pins, and other accessories from local, recovered, and exotic woods. We make whatever works best for the piece of wood to highlight its natural beauty showing off the natural colours and grain.


brads const

We use Sask sourced trees and repurpose old furniture to make one of a kind tables and stands. We do not epoxy the tops but use resistant finishes that allow clients to not only appreciate the beauty of the wood but to feel it as well. We will use tree species like willow apple spruce poplar to create our designs.

Cliff barabash studio

Soapstone and wood carvings of wildlife using stone and reclaimed wood


Food Vendors

J&P Concessions

Food vendor at Bazaart since 1998 featuring mini-donuts, popcorn and hot and cold beverages, including ice capp, frozen lemonade, cold brew coffee, pop and bottled water as well as coffee, hot chocolate and hot capp.


Lemon Heaven

We make lemonade with lemons we squeeze before your eyes, then add ice and shake, shake, shake to produce our signature Lemon Heaven taste! Lemon Heaven is served in your choice of 12, 24 or 32 oz (355, 710 & 946 ml) sizes. Available in a variety of FREE flavors. Lemon Heaven offers a popular diabetic version of our original lemonade for our diabetic customers who have a hard time finding quality beverages suitable for their needs.

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Pause Coffee Shop

Pause Coffee is a multi-roaster coffee shop focused on sharing a wide range of great tasting, carefully sourced coffee with our customers. Our display will look a bit different from last year, but will still consist of an assortment of coffee beans sourced from roasters across Canada, and manual coffee brewing equipment and gear. We will serve cold brew, and sparkling iced tea, brewed offsite, and served
by the cup at Bazaart. We will prepare orders on a folding table, and display products on display stand mounted on top of an additional folding table.

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Queen City Footlong

BBQ’d hot dogs, smokies, drinks. Hotdog cart


The Frying Deutschmann

Regina Folk Festival

11:00 AM-12:00 PMWishbook
12:30 PM-1:30 PMPop Goes the Prairies: Étienne Fletcher + Wishbook Workshop
2:00 PM-3:00 PMÉtienne Fletcher

Wishbook is the duo project of partners Steve Leidal (vocals/keyboards) and Zoe Saladana (guitars). With a shared belief of what’s best in life (drive-thru food, vintage heavy metal, classic amplifiers, paranormal investigation) and what’s best in music (crisp rhythm sections, chorused guitars, and layered synthesizers), they combine to create off-beat nostalgic synth rock that they write, record and mix themselves. Imagine Springsteen and Thin Lizzy – but instead of Racing in the Street and Dancing in the Moonlight, you’re sitting in a basement, ruminating in the dark. With three singles currently released and a full-length album coming soon, Wishbook hopes their particular brand of introspective prairie pop will appeal to oddballs and sad song lovers everywhere. 

Photo Credit: Little Jack Film

Étienne Fletcher is an influential artist on the Franco-Canadian music scene. His intimate approach takes us in his dynamic and sensible universe. Influenced by various musical currents, Étienne Fletcher proposes a precise and instinctive artistic direction. The result is an assertive, authentic and refreshing pop-rock. 


Get cracking and go Sunny Side Up with New Dance Horizons  

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

Embark on an incredible journey with New Dance Horizons’(NDH) Artistic Director Robin Poitras and incredible guest artists as they take you on a fun-filled moving arts adventure like no other! 

Join NDH at Sunny Side Up, an electrifying outdoor interactive arts installation that offers a special space for children and people of all ages to; explore juggling sunny-side-up eggs and other unique objects, enjoy story readings in the rock circle, visit NDH’s tiny secret garden or catch a ride on a crocodile or toboggan on wheels. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unleash your inner artist! 

NDH / Rouge-gorge is a foundation for artists to create new forms of contemporary dance and performance art by transcending traditional boundaries and collaborating with a diverse range of artists. led by Co -Artistic Directors Robin Poitras C.M. and renowned visual artist Edward Poitras. Their works challenge perceptions and ignite the human spirit, resulting in poignant and ground-breaking works that have left an indelible mark on the world of contemporary art.

New Dance Horizons Sponsors

Information for Artisans


The MacKenzie Art Gallery is accepting applications from artists, and artisans for our 50th Annual Event! Artisans, food vendors, and community organizations interested in participating in 2023 Bazaart must submit a completed application form and corresponding fees using the links provided.

Application deadline is Wednesday 22 March, 2023.*
*Artisans who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to an additional charge of $25 for late administration fees.

Rules and Regulations for Vendors

Bazaart is Saskatchewan’s largest outdoor art and craft show & sale, showcasing handmade works by Canadian artists who excel in their chosen medium. Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery as an annual fundraiser and arts community building event, Bazaart supports exhibitions and programs at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, while offering Artisans the opportunity to network with others, market their business, and sell their work. The 50th annual Bazaart will take place on Saturday, 17 June, 2023, from 10 AM – 5 PM outside, on the grounds of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, at the corner of Albert Street and 23rd Avenue in Regina, Saskatchewan; admission fees are $7 per person; $5 for members; children 12 and under are free. Each year over 5,000 Bazaart attendees support independent Canadian artists and craftspeople by purchasing locally made alternatives to mass-produced items. All artists are encouraged to promote the unique and original design of their work and to use local and/or environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.

Bazaart accepts applications from a wide range of established and emerging Canadian artists and craftspeople employing both traditional and experimental art forms.

This year, Bazaart will be a juried show. Artists interested in participating in Bazaart must submit a completed application form by Wednesday 22 March, 2023. Our selection committee will review your application and if selected, artists will be notified and required to pay the corresponding fees to participate at the event. Artisans who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to an additional charge of $25 for late administration fees.

Artisans must electronically submit three high quality images of their work along with the application.

It is an expectation of the MacKenzie Art Gallery that the creation, sale, and marketing of your work reflects an understanding and adherence to CARFAC’s ‘Think Before You Appropriate’ guidelines; a tool to assist makers in ensuring that their designs are sensitive to issues of misappropriation. Please read the full guide here. If your project is Indigenous-led or is in collaboration with an Indigenous artist, we ask that you identify that information on your application. This information helps to ensure these guidelines are met during the adjudication process.

The MacKenzie is committed to maintaining a high standard of work at Bazaart and therefore reserves the right to decline applications regardless of past participation.

All completed applications received before 22 March, 2023 will be reviewed by the MacKenzie Art Gallery. Artists will be notified of the status of their application by 14 April, 2023. Notification will be via e-mail unless a preference for notification by post is indicated.

Please Note: Electricity to booths is an additional $30. Power is available in booths 73-154 only. Booth sharing is NOT permitted.  


$275 – application must be submitted on or before Wednesday 22 March, 2023. Artisans who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to an additional charge of $25 for late administration fees.



$100 – application must be submitted on or before Wednesday 22 March, 2023. Artisans who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to an additional charge of $25 for late administration fees.

Community Booths must display and provide information and/or activities only, no sales. No power is available for Community Booths. 



Food vendors 10ft – 20ft long $415 (includes power and Wascana Authority fees) – application must be submitted on or before Wednesday 22 March, 2023. Artisans who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to an additional charge of $25 for late administration fees.

We ask all those applying to participate as a vendor or volunteer at Bazaart, to please take a moment to read our Visions and Values, Equity, and Accessibility Statements.  

We believe that artists and their engagement with our visitors are essential to the success of the MacKenzie, and the success of Bazaart as both a fundraiser for our programming and an opportunity for artists to connect with one another and the broader community. We are so excited to celebrate our successes together and work toward the shared goal of creating a meaningful and engaging event. As such, we recognize the value of every vendor and volunteer who participates in Bazaart, and we strive to ensure that we provide a respectful and inclusive event with the highest standards of hospitality. We know that as vendors, you share our passion for the arts with creativity and innovation, and that you support our initiatives by always representing yourself and the Mackenzie Art Gallery to the best of our shared abilities.  

Accordingly, we have a zero-tolerance stance on racially charged, ableist, transphobic, or other discriminatory statements or incidents, and reserve the right to remove from our events any vendor, volunteer, or participant that exhibits behavior inconsistent with our vision and values, Attendees, vendors, and/or volunteers who insult, harass, or otherwise interfere with staff and other participants (including volunteers and vendors) may be kindly asked to leave the Gallery and surrounding property. People who are asked to leave on these grounds, are not entitled to a refund of their admission or fees associated with Bazaart. 

If you experience or witness any issues, please contact the nearest MacKenzie staff member. 

Artists accepted to participate in Bazaart are assigned a booth space of approximately 10’ W x 15’D on the grounds surrounding the MacKenzie Art Gallery or in the parking area of the T. C. Douglas Building. All spaces available are indicated on the Bazaart Vendor Map. Applicants are asked to indicate their top three preferred booth locations when applying. While the MacKenzie will try to accommodate all requests, booth display spaces are allotted on a first come, first serve basis (based on the date of application). The map is subject to change.

The MacKenzie makes the final decision on allocation of display space.

Artists are responsible for their booth display set-up and take-down and must supply their own tents, tables, chairs, display equipment, hanging supplies, etc. “Knockdown” display systems are recommended for ease of set-up and take-down. Artists are encouraged to have a sign clearly indicating their name. The MacKenzie will provide laminated booth numbers for participating artists to display which will assist our visitors in locating booths as listed in the Bazaart program. Some booths are on uneven ground; therefore, we require all shelves and display units to be secured and anchored to ensure safety for all participants. Concerns or questions regarding set-up should be directed to the MacKenzie Art Gallery prior to the show’s opening.  

Food vendors with trailers are required to indicate the size of their trailer. 

Any vendors operating a food concession or selling food products for consumption off-site, please follow the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s Vendor Package – Temporary Permit, and email your fully completed application to Kezia-Grace MacBruce by emailing:

 Food Vendors with licensed trailers are not required to complete the Temporary Permit form, instead, please provide a copy of your license to Kezia-Grace MacBruce by emailing:

 Any food vendors that generate grease laden vapor, for example by deep fat frying, cooking meat on stove tops/flat tops, cooking with oil on stove tops/flat tops and charbroiling, must be inspected by Regina Fire Service at least two weeks prior to the event. Email or call (306) 777-7830. 

The show goes on, rain or shine! Artists are responsible for their displays regardless of the weather.  

The MacKenzie reserves the right to cancel Bazaart due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstances which poses a safety risk. 

Artists accepted to participate in Bazaart but who cannot attend must provide a written notice of cancellation to the Gallery, on or before May 13, 2023, to receive a refund of their registration fee less a $100 administration fee. Refunds are not available for cancellations made after May 13, 2023.

The MacKenzie reserves the right to cancel the event at any time, at which point registration fees will be returned in full to vendors. The MacKenzie Art Gallery is not responsible for any fees incurred by vendors related to travel, lodgings, or set-up for the event.

Registration and booth set-up begins at 6:30 AM on Saturday, June 17, 2023. You must register with our staff upon arrival to receive directions for parking, participant ID, and booth signage.

Booths must be completely set up and ALL vehicles moved out of Lot 1 and the surrounding booth areas to the designated parking area by 9:30 AM. Booth displays MUST remain set up until 5 PM.

Please display your laminated booth number in plain sight to assist Bazaart attendees in locating artists’ booths as shown in the Bazaart program. Parking is available in Lot 2.

The MacKenzie Art Gallery will develop and implement a strategic marketing plan to promote Bazaart. The MacKenzie’s website will showcase Bazaart and a list of participating artisans who have provided information to assist with promotion. The MacKenzie Art Gallery reserves the right to use images submitted by accepted artists for promotional purposes, both in print and online. 

All participating artisans will be listed in the onsite Bazaart directory; listing includes artistic category, name, booth number, website and/or e-mail address. Please ensure you provide all necessary information on the application form. The Bazaart directory provides guests with an overview of all participating vendors and assists to navigate the Bazaart grounds 

Bazaart is filled with activities for everyone! Live performances will be presented by the Regina Folk Festival. Other enticements rounding out the slate of Bazaart activities include food vendors and all ages outdoor area with guided activities courtesy of New Dance Horizons. Visitors are invited to stay, play, and shop inside the Gallery

For information regarding hotels, motels, restaurants, and attractions, please visit Tourism Regina.

Kezia-Grace Macbruce, Development Associate, (306) 584-4250 ext. 4273