Bazaart 2023


Information for Artisans


The MacKenzie Art Gallery is accepting applications from artists, and artisans for our 50th Annual Event! Artisans, food vendors, and community organizations interested in participating in 2023 Bazaart must submit a completed application form and corresponding fees using the links provided.

Rules and Regulations for Vendors

Bazaart is Saskatchewan’s largest outdoor art and craft show & sale, showcasing handmade works by Canadian artists who excel in their chosen medium. Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery as an annual fundraiser and arts community building event, Bazaart supports exhibitions and programs at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, while offering Artisans the opportunity to network with others, market their business, and sell their work. The 50th annual Bazaart will take place on Saturday, 17 June, 2023, from 10 AM – 5 PM outside, on the grounds of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, at the corner of Albert Street and 23rd Avenue in Regina, Saskatchewan; admission fees are $7 per person; $5 for members; children 12 and under are free. Each year over 5,000 Bazaart attendees support independent Canadian artists and craftspeople by purchasing locally made alternatives to mass-produced items. All artists are encouraged to promote the unique and original design of their work and to use local and/or environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.

Bazaart accepts applications from a wide range of established and emerging Canadian artists and craftspeople employing both traditional and experimental art forms.

This year, Bazaart will be a juried show. Artists interested in participating in Bazaart must submit a completed application form by Wednesday 22 March, 2023. Our selection committee will review your application and if selected, artists will be notified and required to pay the corresponding fees to participate at the event.

Artisans must electronically submit three high quality images of their work along with the application.

It is an expectation of the MacKenzie Art Gallery that the creation, sale, and marketing of your work reflects an understanding and adherence to CARFAC’s ‘Think Before You Appropriate’ guidelines; a tool to assist makers in ensuring that their designs are sensitive to issues of misappropriation. Please read the full guide here. If your project is Indigenous-led or is in collaboration with an Indigenous artist, we ask that you identify that information on your application. This information helps to ensure these guidelines are met during the adjudication process.

The MacKenzie is committed to maintaining a high standard of work at Bazaart and therefore reserves the right to decline applications regardless of past participation.

All completed applications received before 22 March, 2023 will be reviewed by the MacKenzie Art Gallery. Artists will be notified of the status of their application by 14 April, 2023. Notification will be via e-mail unless a preference for notification by post is indicated.

Please Note: Electricity to booths is an additional $30. Power is available in booths 73-154 only. Booth sharing is NOT permitted.  


$275 – application must be submitted on or before Wednesday 22 March, 2023.



$100 – application must be submitted on or before Wednesday 22 March, 2023.

Community Booths must display and provide information and/or activities only, no sales. No power is available for Community Booths. 



Food vendors 10ft – 20ft long $415 (includes power and Wascana Authority fees) – application must be submitted on or before Wednesday 22 March, 2023.

We ask all those applying to participate as a vendor or volunteer at Bazaart, to please take a moment to read our Visions and Values, Equity, and Accessibility Statements.  

We believe that artists and their engagement with our visitors are essential to the success of the MacKenzie, and the success of Bazaart as both a fundraiser for our programming and an opportunity for artists to connect with one another and the broader community. We are so excited to celebrate our successes together and work toward the shared goal of creating a meaningful and engaging event. As such, we recognize the value of every vendor and volunteer who participates in Bazaart, and we strive to ensure that we provide a respectful and inclusive event with the highest standards of hospitality. We know that as vendors, you share our passion for the arts with creativity and innovation, and that you support our initiatives by always representing yourself and the Mackenzie Art Gallery to the best of our shared abilities.  

Accordingly, we have a zero-tolerance stance on racially charged, ableist, transphobic, or other discriminatory statements or incidents, and reserve the right to remove from our events any vendor, volunteer, or participant that exhibits behavior inconsistent with our vision and values, Attendees, vendors, and/or volunteers who insult, harass, or otherwise interfere with staff and other participants (including volunteers and vendors) may be kindly asked to leave the Gallery and surrounding property. People who are asked to leave on these grounds, are not entitled to a refund of their admission or fees associated with Bazaart. 

If you experience or witness any issues, please contact the nearest MacKenzie staff member. 

Artists accepted to participate in Bazaart are assigned a booth space of approximately 10’ W x 15’D on the grounds surrounding the MacKenzie Art Gallery or in the parking area of the T. C. Douglas Building. All spaces available are indicated on the Bazaart Vendor Map. Applicants are asked to indicate their top three preferred booth locations when applying. While the MacKenzie will try to accommodate all requests, booth display spaces are allotted on a first come, first serve basis (based on the date of application). The map is subject to change.

The MacKenzie makes the final decision on allocation of display space.

Artists are responsible for their booth display set-up and take-down and must supply their own tents, tables, chairs, display equipment, hanging supplies, etc. “Knockdown” display systems are recommended for ease of set-up and take-down. Artists are encouraged to have a sign clearly indicating their name. The MacKenzie will provide laminated booth numbers for participating artists to display which will assist our visitors in locating booths as listed in the Bazaart program. Some booths are on uneven ground; therefore, we require all shelves and display units to be secured and anchored to ensure safety for all participants. Concerns or questions regarding set-up should be directed to the MacKenzie Art Gallery prior to the show’s opening.  

Food vendors with trailers are required to indicate the size of their trailer. 

Any vendors operating a food concession or selling food products for consumption off-site, please follow the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s Vendor Package – Temporary Permit, and email your fully completed application to Kezia-Grace MacBruce by emailing:

 Food Vendors with licensed trailers are not required to complete the Temporary Permit form, instead, please provide a copy of your license to Kezia-Grace MacBruce by emailing:

 Any food vendors that generate grease laden vapor, for example by deep fat frying, cooking meat on stove tops/flat tops, cooking with oil on stove tops/flat tops and charbroiling, must be inspected by Regina Fire Service at least two weeks prior to the event. Email or call (306) 777-7830. 

The show goes on, rain or shine! Artists are responsible for their displays regardless of the weather.  

The MacKenzie reserves the right to cancel Bazaart due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstances which poses a safety risk. 

Artists accepted to participate in Bazaart but who cannot attend must provide a written notice of cancellation to the Gallery, on or before May 13, 2023, to receive a refund of their registration fee less a $100 administration fee. Refunds are not available for cancellations made after May 13, 2023.

The MacKenzie reserves the right to cancel the event at any time, at which point registration fees will be returned in full to vendors. The MacKenzie Art Gallery is not responsible for any fees incurred by vendors related to travel, lodgings, or set-up for the event.

Registration and booth set-up begins at 6:30 AM on Saturday, June 17, 2023. You must register with our staff upon arrival to receive directions for parking, participant ID, and booth signage.

Booths must be completely set up and ALL vehicles moved out of Lot 1 and the surrounding booth areas to the designated parking area by 9:30 AM. Booth displays MUST remain set up until 5 PM.

Please display your laminated booth number in plain sight to assist Bazaart attendees in locating artists’ booths as shown in the Bazaart program. Parking is available in Lot 2.

The MacKenzie Art Gallery will develop and implement a strategic marketing plan to promote Bazaart. The MacKenzie’s website will showcase Bazaart and a list of participating artisans who have provided information to assist with promotion. The MacKenzie Art Gallery reserves the right to use images submitted by accepted artists for promotional purposes, both in print and online. 

All participating artisans will be listed in the onsite Bazaart directory; listing includes artistic category, name, booth number, website and/or e-mail address. Please ensure you provide all necessary information on the application form. The Bazaart directory provides guests with an overview of all participating vendors and assists to navigate the Bazaart grounds 

Bazaart is filled with activities for everyone! Live performances will be presented by the Regina Folk Festival. Other enticements rounding out the slate of Bazaart activities include food vendors and activities for children in the BMO Learning Centre. Visitors are invited to stay, play, and shop inside the Gallery. 

For information regarding hotels, motels, restaurants, and attractions, please visit Tourism Regina.

Kezia-Grace Macbruce, Development Associate, (306) 584-4250 ext. 4273