This large and immersive painting by Winnipeg-born artist Eleanor Bond portrays an interesting perspective on the impact that humans and technology have on the built environment. Depicting a parkade in a post-apocalyptic landscape, Rock Climbers Meet with Naturalists on the Residential Parkade shows us the past and the future of our cities, and its reliance on us – the residents – for maintenance. Despite the absence of any visible human figures, the painting’s title suggests our continued existence inside this bleak landscape. The meeting of rock climbers and naturalists serves as a metaphor for human resilience, and a reminder of how communities come together during adversity.  

For the MacKenzie’s Studio Sundays series, sisters Cate and Noa Nugent created two small watercolour paintings inspired by Bond’s Rock Climbers Meet with Naturalists on the Residential Parkade.

-Tak Pham

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